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In financial services, your best opportunity for deepening client loyalty—that critical driver of long-term growth and competitive advantage—lies in creating lasting value for clients. And loyalty comes down to two critical factors:

  • Building trust by creating client-focused, values- and ethics-based dialogues and partnerships 
  • Leaders who support an ethical, customer-centric culture through coaching and leadership practices that emphasize the underlying drivers of delivering an amazing customer experience

Advisors often struggle to differentiate their solutions and brand from the competition. Part of the problem is that they are ill-equipped when it comes to asking questions to uncover a broader range of client needs. As a result, clients fail to see value in the discussion, and advisors end up being dragged into price and product discussions too early in the sales conversation. 

To move beyond presenting a single product or service, advisors need the skillset, mindset, processes and coaching to engage in discussions that bring to light needs a client might not even be fully aware of. That’s how you begin to create differentiating value.

Succeeding in today’s financial services environment will require your advisors and managers to step up to new market realities and create more value in the eyes of your clients:

  • Shift underlying attitudes and beliefs about selling
  • Transform salespeople with the skills and behaviors they need to build trusted partner relationships 
  • Develop managers into leaders who balance goal directness with people development
  • Create an environment where employees are challenged and motivated to perform at their higher levels

Integrity Solutions financial services sales training helps you align your core values with your customer engagement and management approaches to increase individual accountability, strengthen client relationships and develop a reputation for ethics and integrity that will cement your competitive advantage.

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Integrity Solutions financial services sales training equips advisors with a proven success roadmap to serve clients’ financial needs in a thoroughly altruistic, client-centric manner.

  • Increase client retention and Net Promoter scores 
  • Increase products sold per customer or household 
  • Build a strong values- and ethics-based culture
  • Attract and retain high performers
  • Create a fast start for new agents/advisors
  • Help seasoned producers move past performance plateaus
  • Improve goal achievement
  • Increase leadership coaching effectiveness

Here are some examples of results achieved by Integrity Solutions’ clients. Our engagements start with a collaborative discussion on what success metrics a client will be measuring.

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Financial Services Training Programs

Foundational Programs

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Integrity Selling® for Financial Services

Shift mindsets and give your agents and advisors a proven success roadmap that makes working in the client’s best interest a winning strategy. Build and motivate ethical behavior to forge long-term customer relationships. Use client-focused questioning to increase trust and provide more differentiating value.

Coaching agriculture sales training for teams

 Integrity Coaching

Empower and equip your people to do great things.

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Integrity Selling for Call Centers

Integrity Selling for Call Centers focuses on the critical skills and ethical sales behaviors designed to forge true customer loyalty. 


Enhancement Programs

training programs for coaching

Integrity Selling Refresh

A variety of self-paced online and interactive sessions to reinforce the application of principles of Integrity Selling and create lasting behavior change.

Healthcare Customer Service Training for selling

Integrity Selling Elevate

For those who’ve completed Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.


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Transforming Internal Sales Teams Into a Value-Driven, Customer-Focused Culture
“Integrity Selling®’s focus on trust and honesty helped me become an Advisor’s ‘annuity guru’ and generated $1.2 million in new business.”
Internal Wholesaler
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Significant internal Sales Team growth, with total sales increasing 47% since the relationship with Integrity Solutions began.
A Major Insurance/Financial Services Company Creates A Coaching Culture For Increased Productivity, Retention, And Goal-Oriented Communication
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Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm Triples Sales, Retains Top Talent
Achieve!™ is one of the most positive and inspiring experiences I have been through in my professional career. It helped provide laser focus on my goals and the track to achieve them. Immediate, powerful, and measurable impact to your business!
Managing Director
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Retained over 70% of new sales hires, over 4 years


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Over 16 years ago we introduced Integrity Selling as the only selling system to be supported in our Agency. In 33 years of management, I have never had any selling system deliver results as dramatic or as sustained as the Integrity Selling system. What has made it unique is that it has been extremely effective with brand new producers and with experienced veterans while spanning a time of tremendous change in our industry.

Regional Managing Director of the Midwest Region
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Integrity Solutions has helped support and enhance our foundational company culture. The inter-connectivity of their programs provides a strong thread throughout our organization that informs the way we communicate with each other and with our clients. Associate productivity is boosted through our manager coaching, our sales people increasing profit and our non-client facing associates embracing the internal-customer. We are a stronger company because of Integrity Solutions.

Scottland Jacobson, Director, Global Learning & Development
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I have never had any selling system deliver results as dramatic or sustained as Integrity Selling®. What’s made it unique is that it’s been extremely effective with brand new producers and with experienced veterans, while spanning a time of tremendous change in our industry.

Regional Managing Director
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Our industry has been inundated with low points. Financial services needs more people like Integrity that are trusted to walk alongside them.

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