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Improving customer support. Being more proactive in face-to-face and online customer communications. Gaining access to new buyers and selling beyond price. In an industry threatened by increased commoditization, these are no longer options; they’re table stakes. To stay competitive, businesses in the transportation and logistics industry have to double-down on delivering an outstanding end-to-end customer experience.

As one of the few industries to realize net job growth since before the pandemic began, opportunity in the transportation sector abounds. And as with many industries, Customer Experience (CX) has overtaken price and product as key brand differentiators in the transportation and logistics sector. Technology breakthroughs will continue to transform the industry, but they won’t be enough to set your business apart. Your competitive advantage comes from creating a culture that includes a comprehensive sales and CX strategy — and that focuses on developing the skill and the will to execute them. 

Your buyers have access to more information than ever before. They’re also busier and more distracted at a time when your salespeople, who were used to meeting people face to face, now often have to engage with customers and prospects virtually. Most of these disruptions are here to stay. So the question is, are your sales and customer service teams prepared to sell successfully and deliver on your brand promise in this new world?

While the core fundamentals of engaging with customers haven’t changed, how you execute them has. The sales professionals who are consistently elevating their game and tracking greater success rates in today’s environment are the ones who:

  • Ask better questions to initiate deeper conversations and forge stronger relationships with their customers
  • Build trust and credibility by engaging customers based on their behavior style
  • Consistently demonstrate ethical sales behaviors
  • Manage time and visual resources effectively, whether the meeting is in person or over a video call
  • Are supported by managers who listen, model and consistently coach

Transportation Industry Training Programs

Foundational Programs

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Integrity Selling®

A customer needs-focused process for all levels of salespeople to improve confidence, expand beliefs and increase sales effectiveness. Gain access to new buyers, prepare better for customer conversations and grow your sales pipeline. 

Coaching agriculture sales training for teams

Integrity Coaching

A step-by-step process for managers to increase their people’s attitudes and beliefs, sales and customer service skills and results.

Stock Market Concepts around agriculture sales training

Integrity Service

Develops the skills, attitudes, motives and values to provide outstanding customer service.

Enhancement Programs

training programs for coaching

Integrity Selling Refresh

A self-paced variety of online and interactive sessions to reinforce the application of sales principles of Integrity Selling and create lasting behavior change. 

Healthcare Customer Service Training for selling

Integrity Selling Elevate

For graduates of Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.

customer service rep training for utility companies

Integrity Communication

Help your team communicate, collaborate, and influence more effectively to increase team performance. Create a common language and collaborative behaviors that foster productive and long-term partnerships with both internal and external customers. 


Shape Copy

“My dad gave me a copy of Integrity Selling in 1993 and I have used the concepts daily during my 20+ years with Enterprise. When we were introduced to Integrity Coaching it was clear that our people and our business would benefit if we could integrate ‘coaching’ into our culture. The decision to work with Integrity was easy because they provide leadership development that matches our culture and our needs.”

Steve Durham, AVP

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