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While a growing audiology services market is opening up new opportunities for hearing healthcare providers, the introduction of over-the-counter and direct-to-consumer products will require a new emphasis on value and service differentiation. Being successful in this environment means bridging the gap between service and selling to strengthen credibility and long-term patient loyalty.

The hearing aid market is changing rapidly as federal regulators consider a new category of over-the-counter devices that can be sold directly to consumers in stores and online without a medical exam or a fitting by an audiologist. For hearing healthcare providers, the need to create value in the eyes of their patients is paramount in order to differentiate themselves and stay relevant.

When patients come to an audiologist, they’re looking for more than someone who will recommend a product to them; they’re looking for an expert trusted advisor in hearing healthcare. That means audiologists have to be able to create an emotional bond with each patient by getting to know them, understanding their needs and building strong relationships.

Integrity Selling For Hearing Healthcare is a comprehensive, customized sales training program for an industry facing disruption on many fronts as practitioners seek to increase their perception and credibility in the public health domain:

  • Collaborative communication framework that drives practice growth
  • A proven communication model and selling process for patient-focused interaction
  • Needs assessment for understanding each person’s uniqueness as it relates to their hearing wants and needs
  • A strong focus on patient-focused values and ethics that bridges service and selling
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A value-driven way to help people hear better

Grounded in values and ethics, Integrity Selling For Hearing Healthcare  positively impacts attitudes and beliefs about selling while supporting the consistent application of patient-focused sales behaviors. Audiologists and practices applying the Integrity Selling sales model enjoy more authentic and satisfying patient interactions and relationships, which leads to a distinct competitive advantage in an industry facing increased pressure from all sides.

The benefits of an ethics- and values-driven approach are powerful:

  • Consistent high sales results
  • Better professional outcomes
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Strengthened patient loyalty
  • Decreased evaluation reluctance
  • Stronger goal clarity
  • Significant impact on the top line

Hearing Healthcare Sales Training Outcomes:

  • Consistently apply positive, patient-focused sales behaviors
  • Forge long-term patient partnerships by building trust
  • Ask better questions to determine needs and provide value to a diverse population of patients, family members and other involved parties
  • Reduce hesitation by building confidence and belief in abilities
  • Commit to the importance of values, ethics and beliefs, aka integrity

Hearing Healthcare Sales Training Programs

Integrity Selling For Hearing Healthcare is a comprehensive, customized sales training program for an industry facing disruption on many fronts, helping practitioners increase their perception and credibility, strengthen patient loyalty and achieve better professional and sales outcomes.

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Integrity Selling for Healthcare

Our customized healthcare sales training and coaching gives you a proven and value-driven approach.

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Integrity Selling Refresh

A simple and effective way to keep previously learned Integrity Selling principles front-of-mind within the daily workflow.

Call Center Training Gets Results

Integrity Selling Elevate

For graduates of Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.  

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Integrity Coaching

Empower and equip your people to do great things.


Implementing a formal selling process across the Smith & Nephew Sports Medicine division wins a 2018 Training Top 125 Award
increased revenue by 23% vs. the 9% average growth for the market


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Integrity Selling® changed my outlook on my profession. ‘Selling’ was a bad word in Audiology. The AID,Inc.® process changed that and allowed me to feel great about creating value for my patients. I learned to sell based on needs and building relationships. This is truly a refreshing, straight forward, value driven way to help people hear better. I’m confidently helping more people hear better.

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Putting Integrity Selling® into practice really allowed me to flourish my strengths of relationship building and hone my skills in relaying our key messages to our customers and patients.

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Implementing the Integrity Selling® sales model has resulted in more authentic and satisfying interactions and relationships, resulting in better professional and sales outcomes.

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