From September 2020. Co-facilitated by Doug Murray and Mike Esterday

View the recording (Passcode: D^aZMA^3)

Virtual selling has significantly changed the way healthcare customers are choosing, or in many cases not choosing, to interact with salespeople. A new dynamic of appointment-based vs. drop-in relationships, along with the shift from in-person to digital meetings, has created challenges for rookie and veteran salespeople alike. To successfully adapt to this new environment, healthcare sales reps need a new mindset and new strategies to engage their customers virtually and build quality relationships, even from a distance. 

This 3rd installment in our Summer 2020 Webinar Series discussed:

  • The three traps of virtual selling that erode credibility and trust
  • Three things sales reps must do differently to effectively engage healthcare professionals in a virtual setting
  • Success strategies and tips for moving from a predominantly “drop-in” culture to an appointment-based culture

Access the recording today. Passcode: D^aZMA^3