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Are Communication Skills ‘Soft Skills?’ Hardly...

Effective communication skills — sounds like a “soft” issue, right? It’s not. In fact, the inability to communicate clearly and productively with a diverse audience is creating serious business consequences for organizations every day.

Responding to customers and colleagues more clearly and efficiently results in solving customer issues faster and lowering support costs. Consistently high standards of communication across all customer-facing teams and channels improves the customer experience, elevates your brand perception with customers. There’s nothing soft about that… 

How often do your company’s job descriptions mention “strong communication skills,” in one form or another? But the reality is, many of your people won’t come into their roles with the interpersonal skills required to succeed today- whether it be in-person or, especially now, virtually.

We developed Integrity Communication to address the communication skills breakdowns that threaten productivity, employee engagement and retention, customer loyalty, profitability and more. Time loss, internal and customer disputes, low employee engagement and morale, project failure rates, and decreased revenue are just some of what’s at stake.  

Your customers and employees have vastly different needs- and expectations- about how they want to be communicated with than even a year ago. You need to move faster to meet customer needs and keep your best people. Isn’t it time you put effective communication skills on the “front burner” of your training & development menu?


Companies are becoming increasingly flat organizations. Collaboration among cross-functional and project teams has become the norm. Employees expect ongoing coaching and feedback, not sterile annual performance reviews. And the hard truth is, if your people lack the communication skills, behaviors and coaching today’s world demands, your organization could be losing millions of dollars every year in lost productivity, opportunities, and customers. 

Integrity Communication focuses on the skills and behaviors that foster collaborative, productive and long-term partnerships with both internal and external customers. As business professionals face increasing time constraints, expanded responsibilities, and increasingly diverse, complex, and occasionally even contentious communication it helps people influence others to act.

Integrity Communication provides communication skills training that teaches your team the techniques for building rapport, collaborating, problem-solving, and building trust.


The most effective communication—the kind that inspires, motivates, builds trust and increases productivity—is rooted in positive attitudes and beliefs about service and collaboration.

With Integrity Communication, your team will learn:

  • Strategies for collaborating effectively with a broad coalition of stakeholders
  • Tactics for building trust and rapport so associates are open to your suggestions
  • Techniques for recognizing and adapting to different communication preferences and behavior styles
  • Questioning methods for identifying and filling needs
  • Skills for expanding influence and gaining agreement
  • A simple framework for understanding and working through problems

Communicate, collaborate, and influence more effectively. Increase team performance.Integrity Communication creates a common language and dialogue for greater success.

A 2019 survey of over 1,000 employees by Dynamic Signal found that 78% believe improving employee communication and engagement should be a priority for company leadership. And 52% have seen poor communication lead to poor financial outcomes.
A 2018 report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, Communication Barriers in the Modern Workplace, found that poor communication can result in delayed or failed projects (44% of respondents), low morale (31%), missed performance goals (25%) and lost sales (18%) — some worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And 60% said firm-wide training needs to be implemented to build effective communications skills.
The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that small businesses lose an average of $420,000 per year and large businesses lose $62.4 million per year because of poor communication at work.
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