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Member satisfaction is paramount to credit union success. While digital innovations have become critical to the member experience, credit unions remain, at their core, a people-to-people business. The organizations that will continue to grow at a time when membership levels are flagging are those that bridge the gap between service and selling by infusing their mission and values into every interaction.

The breadth and depth of your products and services are an important measure of the value you offer. But they’re not enough to build long-term, trust-based relationships with your members.

The credit unions that consistently attract, engage and retain loyal members have a few other key differentiators in common. Specifically, they develop and support their employees’ confidence, competence and commitment to creating superior value for members, and they build a sales and service process culture-wide that’s intensely focused on member needs.

Deeply understanding your members, prioritizing their needs and creating more value based on those needs will ensure your credit union’s performance remains strong regardless of external market factors. But you might be encountering some roadblocks that, unless addressed, will prevent you from growing. 

We can help solve your greatest challenges, including:

  • A need to grow share of wallet, but reps have an aversion to and negative perception of “selling”
  • Increasing the number of products per member
  • A consistent member experience and value delivered across all branches
  • Increase value derived from strong service scores
  • Growing non-interest revenue per FTE, but staff doesn’t ask thoughtful questions or know how to handle objections
  • A culture that reinforces a mindset that service is different from sales—and “sales” comes with plenty of baggage
  • Managers who struggle to balance accountability with managerial support and dedicated, one-to-one coaching

The good news is, the answer to many of these challenges lies in your credit union’s mission and values. They just need to be infused into your sales and service processes and culture every day so they can drive greater commitment, engagement and growth. We can help get you there.

As experts in aligning attitudes and beliefs around a member-focused strategy, we have helped countless credit unions like yours increase sales, strengthen member relationships, maximize productivity and retain the best talent. Our approach helps your people bridge the gap between service and selling by understanding that both are about creating value for members. In the process, they learn how to uncover new opportunities that will deliver even more value— and give them a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in what they’re doing.

Along with the support of managers who are committed to coaching on mindset as well as skillset, it’s a comprehensive credit union training approach that unleashes a new level of performance, accountability and engagement, one that will accelerate growth and strengthen member loyalty and employee retention.

Credit Union Training Programs

We’ve tailored our core programs like Integrity Selling® and Integrity Service to meet the unique needs of credit unions. With a long, successful track record working with credit unions, we understand your issues and members. We speak your language. And we’ll partner with you to deliver the business impact you want.

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The Member Advantage

A proven, needs-focused approach for developing consultative sales behaviors, instilling supportive leadership practices and creating an inner drive within your employees to achieve more than they ever thought possible—for themselves and for the members they serve.

pharmaceutical sales training Integrity Selling

Integrity Service

A comprehensive process designed to help people understand what it means to be a truly customer-focused organization.

Integrity Selling is professional development for non-profits sales teams

Behavior Styles Assessments

The ability to create rapport and connections is fundamental in sales, leadership, customer service and in everyday life. Integrity Solutions’ Behavior Styles® assessment, now called Communicating With Impact, creates personal chemistry and deeper connected relationships that are applicable in business and all aspects of life.

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Integrity Communication

Learn and teach your team the techniques for listening more intently for members’ cues, identifying needs, problem-solving, and building trust. Integrity Communication® focuses on collaborative behaviors that foster productive and long-term partnerships with both internal and external customers. As business professionals face increasing time constraints, expanded responsibilities, and increasingly diverse, complex, and—occasionally even contentious—communication, it helps people influence others to act.


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Wauna Credit Union
Culture Shift Results in Unprecedented Loan Growth
186% increase in deposit growth in two years
bank sales training for banking professionals
Tropical Financial Credit Union
Florida Credit Union Measurably Increases Member Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction with New Approach to Sales
Employee Satisfaction Score based on Annual Employee Opinion Survey in 2019
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Baptist Health South Florida Credit Union
Experiencing steady growth since the adoption of Integrity Selling® a decade ago
Total loans increased 139% over the 5-year period of the implementation.


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The Member Advantage reflects our philosophy and commitment to our members. We meet our member(s) where they want to be met and provide solutions to make dreams come true through active disciplines of TMA principles that deepen the members relationship.

Chris Severin, VP of Retail
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We look to Integrity Solutions to be a catalyst in assisting us to deliver on our promises of internal and external excellence in culture, service execution, results orientation and human development. For more than five years, as a trusted partner Integrity Solutions has delivered on being such a catalyst. Our legacy of a strong “Service is Sales, Sales is Service” culture has been significantly enhanced through the assimilation of The Member Advantage™ for front-line staff as they communicate and connect with our cherished membership.

Chris O’Malley, Senior Vice President Branch and Support Operations / Chief Information Officer
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There was a lot of negativity in the beginning when we talked about selling. No one wanted to become a ‘used car salesman.’ With Integrity Solutions’ approach, I was able to show our staff that a sales and service culture means understanding the needs of the members and fulfilling those needs. By doing that we’re actually providing great service—and that’s our ultimate goal.

Robert Blumberg, CEO
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Exceptional engagement is a primary driver of what we do every day; it’s members first with everything. We wanted a program that neared that, that was consultative in nature. We interviewed several programs in the market and found that Integrity most aligned with what we were trying to accomplish and, even more importantly, with our core values.

Christopher Groshco, Assistant Vice President Sales & Service
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What I like about Integrity Selling, the most, is it’s not just a way to sell products. The underlying process builds long term relationships. You build trust and you build respect. Yes we do a great job of selling our products, but the long term benefit to us is serving the members and building that trusting relationship.

Michael Raley, President and CEO
The Member Advantage: Serving the Needs of Credit Unions

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