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Integrity Selling Sales Training Programs

Results Without Compromise. Sell With Integrity.

Integrity Selling® is a comprehensive sales training program solution that balances the three essential components to sales success:

Building selling skills with a focus on deeply understanding your customers and developing trusted relationships that influence and advance buying decisions

Bolstering achievement drive and self-belief by strengthening the positive attitudes and emotional factors that drive high-achievement

A value-driven sales process that establishes trust and connects to the customer’s underlying needs ensures the shift to solution selling really happens. It puts the focus on delivering the value that matters to your customers—keeping deals moving forward and keeping your customers coming back.

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Why Integrity Selling?

We believe sales training is not a ‘one and done’. That it should instead become part of the fabric of your culture, who you are and what you do.

Your sales reps need to become trusted consultants to buyers by actively listening, solving their business challenges and sharing insights — not selling products. Your team will need to focus on building trust and rapport in our increasingly digital world while becoming intimately familiar with your buyers’ goals and pain.

More and more products are seen as commodities. Trying to differentiate through describing why you’re different is only further putting you into the commodity basket – because that’s what your competitors are doing. Differentiation will come from how well your team can deliver value and build trust throughout the entire buying journey, the customer experience, not by how well you can recite your products’ features.


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Proven Sales Training Programs

In a time of unprecedented changes and with economies rebounding, continued success will not be achieved simply by selling the same people, in the same way, with the same message as in the past. At Integrity Solutions, we believe those who excel in today’s competitive and changing environment must:

  • Understand each customer’s challenges and how they impact buying decisions
  • Frame products and services in the context of organizational or individual goals
  • Identify needs and priorities of stakeholders
  • Recognize the importance of selling value beyond products and services
  • Show a strong commitment to ethics and corporate integrity
  • Have a strategic partnership versus vendor mindset
  • Embrace and succeed with new modalities of selling such as virtual

Sales training must address both the head and the heart. Logic and emotion. Failure to adapt and upgrade your team’s selling approach and motivations is a leading contributor to stalled pipelines, missed quotas, lost customers and unfulfilled sales careers.  

The Sales Training Process That Drives Real Behavior Change.


Integrity Selling® works for brand new salespeople and the seasoned pros. It combines a proven, six-step selling methodology with breakthroughs in the critical areas frequently overlooked in most sales training programs: self-belief, confidence and achievement drive. 

Blended Learning for Sustained Results

Through online social interaction, video-based learning, gamification and accountability, the program leverages the latest developments in cloud-based digital learning. Combined with Integrity Solutions’ facilitator-led behavior-change process, the program will dramatically boost your team’s performance and results. 

Integrity Selling® focuses on a learning approach that begins with pre-work in the Integrity Solutions digital platform. This is followed by an initial workshop, delivered as a live virtual session or face-to-face. Eight weekly structured follow-up calls build accountability for application and engage managers to model and coach the behaviors.


We tailor the Integrity Selling® sales training program to meet the specific needs of many of the key industries in which we work. We understand your issues and customers. We speak your language. And we’ll partner with you to deliver the business impact you want.

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Virtual Selling with Integrity

Virtual selling demands a higher level of sales expertise. Ramping up technical skills are important, but they’re only a small part of what it takes to sell successfully in a virtual environment.

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Navigating the Complex Sale

A dynamic strategic account management course that provides practical tools to build and execute strategy in large accounts with multiple stakeholders who influence a buying decision.

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Integrity Selling for Medical Devices

Medical Device Sales Professionals can no longer rely on approaches of the past. The pandemic significantly hindered the ‘drop-in’ sales culture of the past. New influencers, broader coalitions of decision-makers — including the emergence of the non-clinical buyer — and changing regulations and policies have raised the stakes and the barriers to success. The Integrity Selling Medical Device Sales Training Program is specifically for MedDev sales professionals to develop successful sales techniques and behaviors

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Integrity Selling for Banking

Changing regulations, tighter margins and increased consumer demand could threaten your revenue potential. And while technology may be changing the playing field, it’s not what will keep your customers loyal. Now more than ever, your greatest opportunity lies in building value for your customers.

Client Success

A few examples of the impact Integrity Selling® delivers for  our clients:

+ %
increase in market share
Fortune 50 Company
+ %
and up to 140% reported revenue growth by region in just one year
Global chemicals company
Increase from 1.3 to 3 average products per customer within 24 months
Major Insurance Company
+ %
revenue increase vs. 9% average industry growth
Global Medical Device Company

group of medical people in meeting
Quest Diagnostics
Comprehensive Sales Model Shaping Culture, Improving Sales Effectiveness
commercial sales representatives and sales directors launched to a field sales organization.
modern sink
Delta Faucet
Increased sales team confidence and productivity creates deeper customer relationships
average growth each year across Delta brands
artistic building architecture
Transforming Internal Sales Teams Into a Value-Driven, Customer-Focused Culture
Significant internal Sales Team growth, with total sales increasing 47% since the relationship with Integrity Solutions began.


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We have a rich relationship with Integrity Selling. As a very fast-growing large company, finding a sales process that reps can cling to and is an easy adaptation to what they already know is vital. We have found that with Integrity Selling. Our sales team spans the entire country. So having a virtual environment is a necessary part of our overall training program. The remote training classes with Integrity Solutions are incredibly engaging and super insightful. I get a resounding 5 stars from our participants. I not only love the way they are able to refine their sales process during the program, but the fact that they come out feeling more confident and prouder to do what they do is the icing on the cake. Great program that I absolutely recommend often.

Brad Chandler, RVP Sales
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In 33 years of management, I have never had any selling system deliver results as dramatic or as sustained as the Integrity Selling system. It’s been extremely effective with brand new producers and with experienced veterans while spanning a time of tremendous change in our industry.

Regional Managing Director, Midwest Region
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The Integrity Selling module has equipped our sales associates with a systematic and common approach for preparation, qualifying the customer and sales call follow up. Integrity Solutions was the right investment at the right time for our business.

Jon Dartt, SVP Sales
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The thing I appreciate most about Integrity Selling® is that it is relevant and easily applied across all our business units. Having a common language has increased collaboration and teamwork.

Executive Sales Director
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Integrity Solutions has helped support and enhance our foundational company culture. Their programs provide a strong thread throughout our organization that inform the way we communicate with each other and with clients. Associate productivity is boosted through our manager coaching, our sales people increasing profit and our non-client facing associates embracing the internal-customer. We are a stronger company because of Integrity Solutions.

Scottland Jacobson, Director, Global Learning & Development
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Integrity Selling is a realistic, detailed, and customer-focused approach that allows you to be yourself while having a conversation with the customer. It unifies all Quest lines of business to one language. And it’s a model that world-class organizations provide for their sales forces.

Frank Turucz, Executive Sales Director
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Integrity Selling® helps us think differently about our customer experience. The simple-to-use platform not only delivers impactful sales training and development – it promotes team member collaboration. At our company, we help people retire better…Integrity Solutions is a key partner in making this happen.

Sales Manager
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Integrity Solutions delivered beyond expectations. I found their programs to be the most effective and influential in building an integrity-based sales culture and delivering customer-centric, integrity-based solutions which have resulted in increased sales volumes, improved customer satisfaction and staff engagement.

Steve Nemeth, Auckland Regional Manager
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Integrity works for brand new salespeople and the seasoned pro. Anyone can use it as a foundation.

Current Client
Integrity Selling: Through Our Customers’ Eyes
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Take your Sales training further

Exclusively for those that have already experienced Integrity Selling® and want to continue to sharpen their skills and keep the Integrity Solutions core concepts front-of-mind within their daily workflow and without losing valuable time in the field. Asynchronous, self-paced sustainment modules and tools that deepen learning and speed results. 

Sales Training Systems from Integrity Solutions

While organizations around the world are spending billions of dollars on training, most of that investment is being wasted.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your sales training initiatives add up to long-term results.

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We’ll change the way you think about sales training and the way your customers think about you.

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