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Barger & Associates, an independent regional agency of Delta Faucet, works with builders, architects, engineers, designers, plumbers and wholesalers to provide seamless coverage for sales and support to the plumbing industry. As part of unifying and expanding several Delta Faucet territories the organization would need to hire a new team of inside sales and field associates, place them in the right roles, and develop their skills and confidence to be successful. With new initiatives and opportunities from Delta soon to be launched, the team would need to quickly ramp up and be ready to capitalize on them. 


  • Rapidly develop and support the growth needs of a new sales team
  • Motivate, engage and retain high performers
  • Move from “supplier” relationships with customers to trusted advisor/partner by applying a more consultative approach
  • Increase project opportunities and wins


Job number one was to hire, place and develop a new sales team, equipping them not just with effective sales processes and methodologies but also the inner drive and resilience to keep their performance and engagement high in a demanding role. 

Having worked with Integrity Solutions since 2009, Delta recommended that Barger & Associates’ entire team participate in the Integrity Selling® program because it would provide them with a common sales language, process and methodology as well as the confidence and skills to build deeper, more productive customer relationships. At the same time, leaders participated in Integrity Coaching®, which Barger says “came at the perfect time” in light of the expansion and rapid change that was going on throughout the organization.


By partnering with Integrity Solutions, Barger & Associates has developed the skills and strategies to build accountability, break through performance-limiting mindsets and generate significant business results. Over the six years of the relationship, the firm has averaged 16.5% growth each year across all Delta brands and 33.4% average growth for the luxury brand Brizo. In 2015 Barger & Associates was named Commercial Agency of the Year. 

Because sales associates are delivering value and aligning their behavior and approach to their customers’ styles and preferences, interactions with longstanding customers have completely transformed. Reps have opened up new discussions about customers’ future “big picture” plans and are positioning Barger & Associates as a trusted advisor. 

Applying the Integrity Coaching® concepts has also enabled leaders to more effectively grow and support the sales associates, many of whom are just starting out in their careers. Retention is a key metric the firm tracks, and Barger believes the new coaching excellence standards have contributed to its zero turnover rate. 

Additionally, with insights gained from Integrity Solutions, the firm has been able to align people with job functions and tasks based on their skills and styles. As a result, employees are more engaged and productive, and customer satisfaction scores on surveys have improved.


average growth each year across Delta brands

average growth each year for luxury brand Briz

Improved customer satisfaction scores

Zero turnover

Named Commercial Agency of the Year

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It is critically important to deliver a consistent message and approach to our customers. The Integrity Selling® module has equipped our sales associates with a systematic and common approach for preparation, qualifying the customer and sales call follow up. Integrity Solutions was the right investment at the right time for our business.

Jon Dartt –
Delta Vice President, Sales

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Integrity Selling® gives our reps confidence by giving them a formalized approach to selling and a process that keeps from jumping to the product before the customer is ready. It also provides them with a road map, so they can slow down, take a step back and figure out what needs to be done to move forward.

Jim Barger
Barger & Associates


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Nobody wants a revolving door: Customers don’t want it, agencies don’t want it, the manufacturers we work for don’t want it. The best way to correct people and keep them for a long time is to coach them and treat them fairly, and that’s what Integrity Coaching® has allowed us to do. We’ve had zero turnover since implementing it.

Jim Barger
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Integrity Selling® has helped us sell to our customers’ needs by asking better questions based on how they like to be engaged.

Sonya Shoemaker

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