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Hospitals & Clinics

Creating a strong service culture in healthcare is critical today, not just to ensure high HCAHPS scores, but because it’s the right thing to do — for patients, employees and other customers.

Today’s customer-oriented patients expect an exceptional experience in every healthcare interaction they have, and for good reason. Effective communication and patient involvement have been shown to make a positive difference in clinical outcomes.

But in the hectic day-to-day of working in a hospital, clinic or physician’s office, even the most well-intentioned healthcare staff can forget how important each moment is to a patient’s overall experience. To build a more service-oriented culture, you have to develop the behaviors, mindset and motivation to make quality of care and service the best they can be in every single interaction.

Integrity Solutions helps hospitals, clinics, physician offices and other healthcare organizations do this through:

  • Reconnecting each person with the purpose of their job
  • Identifying how they serve patients and other customers
  • Appreciating how others serve them and make their job possible
  • Learning proven communication and problem-solving skills
  • Developing attitudes, motives and values that support your mission
  • Engaging managers and leaders to support and model these behaviors


We’ve worked with over 150 hospitals and other healthcare organizations, developing the patient-centric skillsets, mindset and motivation of more than 200,000 people. The benefits of an Integrity-driven service culture extend to patients, their family members, staff and management alike, with documented results including:

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Better relationships between managers and staff
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Decreased turnover

Clinic and Hospital Customer Service Training Programs

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Integrity Service for Healthcare

Integrity Service® for Healthcare is a comprehensive clinic and hospital customer service training process designed to help healthcare employees understand what it means to be a truly patient-centered, customer-focused organization. Integrity Service participants are better able to identify and serve internal and external customers, focus on their job purpose versus job function, and understand how attitudes, motives and values influence the perception of service.

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Enhancement Programs

Integrity Communication: Behind every patient’s hospital journey is your team of dedicated people. From the clinical staff to operators in the call center, coordination and timely communication of information are keys to excellent patient care and satisfaction.


Quest Diagnostics
How a comprehensive sales model improved sales effectiveness and shaped culture at Quest Diagnostics
Quest has certified approximately 40 internal trainers to facilitate Integrity Selling®
Smith & Nephew
Implementing a formal selling process across the Smith & Nephew Sports Medicine division wins a 2018 Training Top 125 Award
increased revenue by 23% vs. the 9% average growth for the market.


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We originally chose Integrity Selling® based on the key needs identified in our decision matrix. However, after partnering with Integrity Solutions on subsequent projects, we’ve found they’re phenomenal to work with. They live their philosophy in their business and are 100% invested in the our success. It isn’t often that I use the term ‘partner,’ but that is very relevant for our relationship with Integrity Solutions.

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