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Understanding customer expectations is the key to customer acquisition and loyalty. The best way to grow deposits is improving the ease of the customer experience.

Changing regulations, tighter margins and increased consumer demand could threaten your revenue potential. And while technology may be changing the playing field, it’s not what will keep your customers loyal. Now more than ever, your greatest opportunity lies in how your people create value for your customers.

Your differentiation comes from human interaction – going beyond traditional, reactive customer service and being able to anticipate customer needs and solve for problems both stated and unstated.

To improve your bank’s performance in a more challenging and competitive environment, customer-facing organizations need to view selling as a higher level of service, listen to understand customer wants- and know that what the customer asks for may not be entirely what they really need. Proactively engage customers in deeper-level conversations around their concerns, needs and goals.

Banks need the mindset and skillset to be exceptional at building trusted customer relationships that drive greater value. Your bank training programs need to meet this reality head on.

And managers must grow into more engaged, successful coaches who support their teams in maximizing their full potential.

While every bank touts its core values, the ones that truly live them through their sales, service and leadership behaviors are the ones that will stand apart from the pack, exponentially increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and success.

We can help your bank live up to its promise to its customers while creating a more engaged, committed and inspired culture that will continually drive more growth.

Bank Training Programs

Our bank training programs build and sustain an ethical, proactive, value-driven banking culture that deepens customer engagement and loyalty.

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Integrity Selling for Banking

Adopt a customer-needs focused process for establishing trust and rapport so customers become more comfortable discussing needs. Learn techniques for better listening and asking better questions. Transition from a transaction- to a customer-focused mindset.

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Integrity Selling for Call Centers

Focus on the critical skills for building rapport and ethical sales behaviors designed to forge true customer loyalty. Adopt a positive mindset about service and selling. Recognize clues for communicating with different Behavior Styles.

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Integrity Coaching

The skills to coach with integrity and nuance for different situations and styles and the will to make coaching a natural habit. Achieve long-term business outcomes by embracing your role as coach. Empower and equip your people to do great things.

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Integrity Service

A comprehensive customer service training program that follows a process designed to help people understand what it means to be a truly customer-focused organization.

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Integrity Selling Refresh

A simple and effective way for banking employees and their managers to keep previously-learned Integrity Selling principles front-of-mind within their daily workflow without interrupting their day.

Call Center Training Gets Results

Integrity Selling Elevate

For graduates of Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.


Banking professionals benefit from bank sales training
First National Bank of Elk River
Meeting Customers’ Needs Delivers Long-Term Customer Retention
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Teachers Mutual Bank
Recognized eight years in a row by Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies
91.5% customer satisfaction rating
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First Dakota National Bank
Selling, service and coaching come together to help transform a culture, drive up success metrics and provide a superior customer experience


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The course was engaging and compelling, not your stereotypical sales training. Both the coursework and instructor encouraged participation and interaction, which increased focus and engagement from employees taking part in the training. The weekly classes helped form habits and improved long-term retention of the curriculum.

Jimmy Conyers
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I have been involved in many training sessions throughout my career but never have I found a greater ROI than Integrity Solutions. It is a common-sense approach based on building relationships and adding value rather than product pushing. Integrity Solutions will be a strategic partner of our organization from this point forward because it is a natural fit with our culture and core values.

Angie Simpson
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You know, when you onboard something like this you hope to hear these stories over time- but to hear these success stories, in this quantity, with this level of success so quickly after beginning training is nothing short of exciting and inspiring.

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When looking for transformational leadership and building an integrity based sales culture the Integrity program delivered beyond expectations. I have found the Integrity Solution’s programs to be the most effective and influential in delivering customer-centric, integrity-based solutions which have resulted in increased sales volumes, improved customer satisfaction and staff engagement.

Steve Nemeth
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The proof is in the success metrics. Every metric – assets, loan volume, deposit volume, households and services per household – are up.

Rob Stephenson
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Integrity Selling…resonated with our own corporate values. Selling was not about forcing your products and services on customers, it was about genuinely trying to establish customers’ needs and wants, and finding solutions for them.

Peter Sullivan

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At the end of the day banking is all about people helping people.

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