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Pharmaceutical Sales Training

With more barriers to success than ever before, pharmaceutical sales reps are under immense pressure to establish their credibility and build long-lasting customer relationships. Our pharmaceutical sales training reinforces your efforts to implement a customer-centric, values-based approach that will truly differentiate your salespeople and your brand.

Virtual selling, evolving healthcare regulations and other industry changes have dramatically altered the world of pharmaceutical sales. Even before the pandemic, HCPs were less inclined to make time for a sales rep’s drop-in calls, especially if they weren’t seeing any value in them. Now that the pandemic-induced transition to virtual meetings has forced everyone to get digitally savvy, reps are finding that clinicians are less engaged and easily distracted during these calls.

And it’s not just the clinicians they have to keep engaged. More and more, pharmaceutical sales reps are dealing with non-clinical stakeholders who often have different priorities than the HCPs. At the same time, product differentiation remains a challenge, especially when you’re trying to hold someone’s attention in a digital medium.

All of these and other obstacles underscore why it’s not enough to talk product features and benefits if you want to stand out and succeed in today’s pharmaceutical sales environment.

Getting results requires new and different sales conversations that are grounded in a customer- and patient-focused philosophy. The sales professionals who are consistently breaking through are those who:

  • Ask better questions to initiate deeper conversations and forge stronger relationships with their customers
  • Build trust and credibility by engaging customers based on their behavior style, personal and clinical touch points, and patient types
  • Consistently demonstrate ethical sales behaviors
  • Manage time and visual resources effectively, whether the meeting is in person or over a video call
  • Are supported by managers who listen, model and consistently coach
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Create a sales culture that puts patient and healthcare provider needs at the center of your go-to-market strategy. We’ll help your salespeople build the competence and confidence they need to increase customer loyalty and trust and grow your competitive advantage.

  • Accelerate new hire productivity and retention
  • Increase salesforce effectiveness
  • Build a culture of accountability
  • Engage managers to model and coach
  • Develop team synergy
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Designed specifically for the success of pharmaceutical sales reps, Integrity Selling for Pharmaceutical Sales focuses on ethical sales behaviors that forge productive, long-term, clinical and non-clinical partnerships.

  • HCP- and patient-focused selling system
  • Highly interactive course dynamics
  • Customizable based on existing sales strategies

Pharmaceutical Sales Training Outcomes:

  • Apply techniques that will drive favorable outcomes by shifting from a vendor to strategic partnership mindset
  • Determine the needs of diverse customers by asking effective questions
  • Develop strategies to identify and sell to different Behavior Styles
  • Consistently make the customer and patient the central focus of every sales conversation
  • Maximize selling opportunities despite decreased access and limited time
  • Prepare and use technology effectively to keep virtual buyers engaged
  • Build trust and rapport to ensure long-term, professional partnerships 
  • Commit to the importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka integrity

Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs

Integrity Selling for Pharmaceutical Sales develops high-performing  pharmaceutical sales reps by focusing on ethical sales behaviors that forge productive, long-term, clinical and non-clinical partnerships.

pharmaceutical sales training Integrity Selling

Integrity Selling Refresh

A simple and effective way for pharma sales reps and their managers to keep previously learned Integrity Selling principles front-of-mind within their daily workflow.

Call Center Training Gets Results

Integrity Selling Elevate

For graduates of Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.  

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Integrity Coaching

Empower and equip your people to do great things.


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“After four years of flat sales and no new products, Integrity Selling helped us achieve a 20% increase in sales.”

Vice President of Sales
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“I have been through countless selling models in my career. By far, Integrity Selling is the single most relevant and easily applied for selling in healthcare today.”

Senior Director of Training
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“Reps are getting more time and having deeper conversations with their customers because they are asking better questions.”

Regional Manager
build confidence with pharmaceutical sales training

Build the confidence, competence and commitment to succeed in a complex, constantly changing healthcare environment.

Download: Selling in a Dynamic Healthcare Environment
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