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Our Story

Our mission is to help clients win more customers, keep more customers and grow profitable revenue.

Founded in 1968 by Ron Willingham (1932-2019), Integrity Solutions has spent decades creating and improving a unique learning process that translates knowledge and skills into real-world behaviors. Ron initially offered leadership courses. He worked with Dr. Maxwell Maltz to rewrite the bestseller, Psycho-Cybernetics and consulted with Success Magazine.

Over the next decade he worked to perfect a learning methodology that would create lasting behavior change. He then shifted focus to helping organizations improve sales effectiveness through the creation of Integrity Selling®. Integrity Selling was soon at the forefront of the customer needs-focused selling philosophy.

Later, focus was added on customer service training, Integrity Service, and supporting sales and service training with the introduction of Integrity Coaching. All of these training programs combine skillset, mindset and disciplined process to create breakthrough results.

Based on studies and observations, Ron ultimately authored many books on sales, customer service, coaching, goal achievement, and personal development.

Ron Willingham passed away in August 2019. And you can read reflections about his life and tremendous impact on the training industry in this retrospective Integrity Solutions CEO, Mike Esterday, wrote afterward. His legacy endures today.

Our Values


Acting ethically at all times.


Taking proactive responsibility for results.


Keeping the customer at the center of our business.


Performing at our highest levels.


Seeking new and better solutions to problems.


Sharing the wealth of opportunity with others.

Sales training and customer Service Training Programs: Innovation for Today’s blended Learning Environment

Integrity Solutions has been at the forefront of making live virtual training succeed for over thirty years. We know how to replicate the robust learning environment in an online learning environment that replicates the interaction, small group discussions, exercises and self-discovery that happens in our face-to-face workshops.

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In the heart of Music City

Originally headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, in 2011 we moved our headquarters location to Nashville, TN- one of the most vibrant and energetic cities in which to work, learn and live. Our certifications are held in Nashville, Phoenix, and through our Licensed Channel Partners worldwide. 

A Recognized training Industry Leader

Selling Power and Training Industry, Inc. have each consistently included us as one of their annual Top Sales Training Companies. And we have won Stevie Awards for excellence in Sales & Customer Service training and consulting each of the past six years (2019-2024). Selling Power also includes us on their Top Virtual Sales Training companies focused specifically on companies that helping sales organizations navigate the shift toward virtual selling by providing online sales training. And ISA- the Association of Learning Providers- named us their 2022 Business of the Year.

Global Reach

We have always been proud of our ability to serve organizations around the world. We’ve delivered our programs in over 130 countries. And we are proud to have Certified Channel Partners in Mexico and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Poland, and Greece. 

Contact us  to inquire about any of our global partners and how we can serve your needs.

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Our story is reflected by the way your customers talk about you.

More than a name, integrity is a value we share and the root of sales performance excellence.

Start with integrity.