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Accelerated Selling Performance — Elevate

Today's commercial teams require a blended approach to upskilling and purpose-built tools to enable their day-to-day workflows. Integrity Selling Elevate™ provides a nimble, scalable experience to embed and reinforce key Integrity Selling® seller behaviors across your entire organization.

Integrity Selling Elevate™ is a highly adaptable, weekly virtual learning tool.  It includes fast, easily implemented, and effective content and coaching guides to reinforce key Integrity Selling® concepts and deepen learning on the job.

Integrity Selling Elevate provides weekly content over six- or twelve-month periods.  This content equips sales professionals and managers with highly engaging, actionable, and timely learning modules to reinforce key principles and develop skills in 20 minutes or less.

Managers are provided with monthly sales coaching tips and monthly meeting guides via Integrity’s digital platform that uses video, audio, and interactive exercises to maximize engagement and encourage social learning.

Why Integrity Selling Elevate?

Bite-sized Learning Modules are short and focused

Exercises reinforce and extend key Integrity Selling® principles

Combined with Integrity Selling®, reps have a full year’s access to the Integrity learning platform and sales training content 

Opportunities for sales reps and managers to learn from their peers

Leverage asynchronous digital learning to sustain and reinforce the impact of Integrity Selling; introduce gamification and social learning

Manager resources support Sales Coaching


Each month, participants will focus on a specific key concept from the Integrity Selling® program (for example, Growth Mindset).  For each month, the following weekly cadence is followed:

  • Week 1: New learning moment concept delivered via multimedia
  • Week 2: Integrate Week 1 learning into real sales work and complete mission assignment
  • Week 3: Next-level module revisits a key Integrity Selling topic and takes it to a deeper level 
  • Week 4: Execute action plan from Week 3 & discuss your application with your manager
  • Coaching guide for managers to lead team meetings around that month’s topic
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For graduates of Integrity Selling®, Integrity Selling Elevate™ offers sustained, virtual sales training & coaching to deepen learning and speed results.


Not all online learning is created equal. Integrity Solutions’ virtual training programs are blended learning sequences that combine dynamic virtual content, deal-based exercises for real-world application, and virtual coaching with real, live, Integrity Advisors.  

Elevate is just one of Integrity’s robust virtual training programs.  Another is Integrity Selling Refresh.  This program is a great way to leverage asynchronous, digital learning to sustain and reinforce the impact of Integrity Selling®, and also introduce assessments, gamification and social learning to your team to improve engagement and application.

You may also be interested in Achieve, which gives people a system and strategies to improve goal-setting capabilities, move past self-limiting behaviors and other barriers to success.  

Integrity Selling for Banking is bank sales training in-person or virtually

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