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Behavior Styles® Assessment

No two conversations should be alike—because no two people are alike. Communicating With Impact helps people understand their own communication style and that of others. Create more effective, successful coaching and customer conversations, regardless of style.

The tipping point between satisfied and loyal customers and employees is all about value. Loyal customers and employees don’t just receive value from us, they feel valued BY us. And the way to make sure they feel valued is to understand their Behavior Style and honor their preferred communication style. It’s why effective, efficient communication is one of the last competitive advantages you can have.

Leading, Coaching and Selling With Style

With continued change and disruption hitting the workplace- and virtual work and meetings taking precedent- it’s even more important to get your messages across clearly and empathetically. Identifying and connecting with the other person’s Behavior Style should always be top-of-mind, part of your pre-call planning and coaching discussion preparation.

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Adaptable To Your Needs

The ability to create rapport and connections is fundamental in sales, leadership, customer service and in everyday life. Integrity Solutions’ Behavior Styles® assessment, now called Communicating With Impact, creates personal chemistry and deeper connected relationships that are applicable in business and all aspects of life.

This proven, scientific measurement tool will improve internal and customer communication, relationships, and impact productivity.

Our Behavior Styles® Assessment- now called Communicating With Impact- can be stand-alone or woven into a broader core curriculum. Current Integrity Solutions clients apply our Behavior Styles methodology for learning reinforcement, sustainment and mastery. Our new clients can gain understanding of Behavior Styles® language, how you prefer to communicate individually, and how you can best adapt to others’ styles.

The Bottom Line on Behavior Styles®

We make a lot of assumptions about people’s motives  — whether as a salesperson, coach or colleague. Used as part of a selling or coaching process, Behavior Styles® can help anyone understand their own biases and why some people may be less responsive and engaged or react in different ways to discussions. With those insights, managers can create more effective, successful coaching conversations with every employee, regardless of style. Salespeople can develop customer rapport faster. And internal communication, collaboration and productivity can soar.

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“As the workshop states, the #1 leading indicator of success is the ability to get along well with others. I constantly hear ‘eerily accurate’ from participants after they read their results and I so enjoy the sincere interest they have in how their colleagues communicate. The flexibility of exercises in the workshop allows you to cater to each group’s needs, and gives you the ability to steer in different directions on the fly depending on how the group interacts.”

Director, Global Learning & Development, Russell Investments

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Communication and relationships improve when you understand the Behavior Styles® of colleagues and customers.

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