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Integrity Coaching - Maximize the Potential In Your People

By embracing your role as coach you’ll empower and equip your people to do great things.

Far too often, sales coaching in most firms is viewed as a discretionary, individual and not an organizational priority. In fact, our research has shown that:

  • 50% of firms provide no training for managers on coaching
  • 63% of companies have no agreed-upon definition of coaching and let managers interpret their own meaning of coaching.
  • Only 36% say that coaching is a stated priority of senior leadership
  • 55% say managers don’t know how to coach. (Hint: because they’re not taught how…)

Is it any wonder, then, that so many sales managers claim they have “no time for coaching?” What they’re REALLY saying is they don’t have the confidence, tools, process or support to coach. The result is that they allow the tyranny of the urgent to distract from the strategically important. 

More than anything else you do as a leader, coaching will help you achieve breakthrough results and true behavior change. Shift your managers’ mindset from that of “mistake catcher” and “problem solver” to a coaching leader that instills confidence, a sense of ownership, and fully realized potential in their people.  

Integrity Coaching® enables managers to rise up and lead to maximize the potential of every member of your team. Your employees will see more in themselves, and your senior leaders will recast what they believe their roles to be, delegating more and freeing up time for strategic priorities.

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Integrity Coaching® is a systematic, disciplined process that equips your leaders with the SKILLS to coach with integrity while adapting to different situations and different styles, and the MINDSET to make coaching a natural, consistent habit. Equip your people to elevate performance across the entire organization.

Through sales coaching you’ll develop leaders that:

  • View the development of their people as their most important responsibility.
  • Take responsibility and make regular time for coaching.
  • See and develop the full potential in their people.
  • Ask questions to understand without just jumping into problem-solving mode.
  • Reinforce training to embed lasting behaviors.

Your people will build confidence to solve more problems on their own, show up every day with greater purpose, push beyond self-limiting beliefs, set clear goals and hold themselves accountable to them, achieve more and stay loyal longer. 


Why Integrity Coaching

Most sales leaders know how to manage what’s urgent and most pressing. But truly great leaders know the distinction between managing and coaching- and consistently coach their teams to help them reach greater levels of achievement than they might believe possible for themselves. When leaders both manage and coach, there’s stronger, more steady performance in good times and when the going gets tough. 

Creating a coaching mindset in your sales leaders increases engagement, accountability, retention and ultimately increases sales performance.

Integrity Coaching® gives you the SKILL to coach with integrity and nuance for different situations and different styles and the WILL to make coaching a natural habit. 

Our research found a 15% gap in sales revenue between firms that are effective at coaching and those that are ineffective.
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Our blended learning program takes core concepts of Integrity Coaching® and, through a dynamic, interactive, engaging and self-paced setting, sets managers up for success through a series of videos, activities, quizzes and online interaction  with colleagues.

Integrity Coaching® will change mindsets in your organization and instill new leadership behaviors, grounded in the belief that a leader’s first priority is to coach the next tier of leadership, engage people in the mission, build the confidence and commitment to strive for more, and create sustained learning cultures.


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The Integrity Coaching program aligns directly into each of our Leadership Capability categories. While we have been running the program for much longer than we have had the framework, this alignment it is the perfect reminder of why Integrity Coaching is the only compulsory leadership program that we have our People Leaders across all levels complete. Blending different levels of leadership in the program also creates some really great insight into the different challenges that are faced at these different levels.

Danielle Albany, Head of Organisational Development
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I have coached and managed teams in Australian banks and trained people in government departments and for me, Integrity Coaching makes coaching achievable for everyone. The activities are engaging and build the right skills where performance and kindness is balanced and valued.

Barbara Rhodes, Organisational Leadership Coach


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A Major Insurance and Financial Services Company Creates A Coaching Culture For Increased Productivity, Retention, And Goal-oriented Communication
The process changed my attitude and coaching to empower agents to create their vision and the strategy to achieve it.
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Retained a 2nd year agent who was offered a bonus at another company.

Take sales coaching to the next level

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Behavior Styles® Assessments- now called Communicating With Impact

helps managers understand their own communication style and biases and why some people may be less responsive and engaged or react in different ways to coaching discussions. With those insights, managers can create more effective, successful coaching conversations with every employee, regardless of style.

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is a grounded in Integrity Solutions’ 5-Step Achievement System, a scalable, repeatable process that expands belief boundaries and enables people to work through the barriers keeping them from the next level of achievement.

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Coaching is The #1 thing managers can do to most impact company performance and retain talent.

Get in the game.

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