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Banking Sales Training That Transforms a Service-Only Culture Into a Sales Culture

Beyond regulatory scrutiny and competitive pressures, customer expectations have changed rapidly in the past two years. Changing regulations, tighter margins and increased consumer demand could threaten your revenue potential. And while self-serve technology may be changing the playing field, it’s not what will keep your customers loyal. Now more than ever, your greatest opportunity lies in building value for your customers – in ways that are sincere, ethical and based on asking thoughtful questions that uncover customers’ needs and goals.

Integrity Selling for Banking

The top performing banks always go the extra mile to deliver memorable customer experiences. The banks’ customers are engaged, buy more, stay longer, and recommend the bank to their friends.

Integrity Selling for Banking is a comprehensive bank sales training solution that positively impacts attitudes and beliefs about selling, while supporting the consistent application of customer-focused sales behaviors.

Integrity Selling for Banking is bank sales training in-person or virtually

Bank Sales Training that Boost Customer Experience

Integrity Selling® for Banking creates a common sales language and prepares banking professionals for successful sales experiences that lead to more wallet share, greater customer loyalty and increased employee engagement and retention. 

Improve performance and transform the customer experience with Integrity Selling for Banking:

  • Customer-facing organizations will see “selling” as a higher level of customer service, and proactively engage customers in deeper-level conversations around their concerns, needs and goals.
  • Bankers will have the mindset and skillset to be exceptional at building trusted customer relationships that drive greater value.
  • Sales teams will uncover and meet customer needs, exponentially increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and success.
  • Teams will achieve their full potential: Your managers will grow into more engaged, successful coaches, while executives cement their roles as trusted leaders.

Why Integrity Selling for Banking?

Research has shown that 61% of banking executives consider a customer-centric business model to be important; but less than 20% feel they are prepared for it. You can close that gap! A successful customer experience requires more than transactional skill and product knowledge to solve customers’ needs- and in some cases to solve needs they didn’t even know they had! 

Being customer-focused is no longer an option. Your brand promise can’t just be a poster hanging on the wall. Bank leaders and managers must make it a priority to create ethical, customer-centric cultures truly built around focusing and understanding what their customers need and value. Those with the mindset necessary to deliver on it will have the advantage.

Skills are important, but Integrity Selling for Banking is bank sales training that goes deeper by addressing a person’s mindset. This often has a greater impact on their performance and their approach to the customer experience. 

Real Results

6X increase in loan applications, increase in products-per-customer from 1.3 to 3 within two years
NPS from the low 60s to the high 80s in less than 1 year
23% decrease in employee turnover, etc.


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“When looking for transformational leadership and building an integrity based sales culture the Integrity program delivered beyond expectations. I have found the Integrity Solution’s programs to be the most effective and influential in delivering customer-centric, integrity-based solutions which have resulted in increased sales volumes, improved customer satisfaction and staff engagement.”

Steve Nemeth, Auckland Regional Manager,
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“I’ve enjoyed watching employees become aware that selling a product is the end result of a process that involves genuine care for uncovering the customer’s needs. If we’ve done a good job of communicating the products and services we offer, we’ll not only sell the product/service the customer desires, we’ll also sell ourselves as the bank they trust for all their future banking needs.”

Aaron Ness, Executive Vice President Market Manager,
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“I have been involved in many training sessions throughout my career but never have I found a greater ROI than Integrity Solutions. It is a common-sense approach based on building relationships and adding value rather than product pushing. Integrity Solutions will be a strategic partner of our organization from this point forward because it is a natural fit with our culture and core values.”

Angie Simpson, Vice President of Human Resources,


Banking professionals benefit from bank sales training
First National Bank of Elk River
Meeting Customers’ Needs Delivers Long-Term Customer Retention
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Teachers Mutual Bank
Recognized eight years in a row by Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies
91.5% customer satisfaction rating
bank sales training for banking professionals
First Dakota National Bank
Selling, service and coaching come together to help transform a culture, drive up success metrics and provide a superior customer experience
virtual sales training video program

Take your training further

Virtual Selling With Integrity

Virtual selling demands a higher level of sales expertise. Ramping up technical skills are important, but they’re only a small part of what it takes to sell successfully in a virtual environment.

Exclusively for those who have already experienced Integrity Selling® and want to sharpen their skills and keep the Integrity Solutions core concepts front-of-mind, Virtual Selling With Integrity features asynchronous, self-paced sustainment modules and tools that deepen learning and speed results.  This enables learning within participants’ daily workflow and without losing valuable time in the field.

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Create a culture built around understanding what the customer needs and values—

and the mindset necessary to deliver on it. We can help.

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To be successful, banks need a new mindset about what it really means to sell.

Bridging the Gap Between Service and Selling.

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