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Insurance, Finance and Wealth Management

From external regulations to client demands, the pressure is on insurance, finance and wealth management advisors to be more transparent, ethical and client-centered in their sales practices. The question is, do your agents and advisors have the skill and the will to succeed in this new environment?

Despite all the regulatory and consumer attention surrounding financial, insurance and wealth management sales practices, many agents and advisors still haven’t substantially changed the way they sell. A big part of the reason for that is the way they’ve been trained. Their awareness is up. They’ve been given information about what they should do and say. They know the products inside and out. But none of that, on its own, will change behaviors and mindsets.

Shifting from a product focus to working in the client’s best interest requires a different skillset, mindset and set of strategies. For many advisors, this is a big change from what’s made them successful in the past. They have to adjust their planning, questioning approach and even their view of what selling is. And they need a sales and consulting model that’s grounded in strong values and ethics so they can consistently act on what they know in their hearts is right for their clients.

Finance, Wealth Management and Insurance Sales Training Programs

Our finance, wealth management and insurance industry sales training programs build a values- and ethics-driven sales culture where everyone is equipped and motivated to serve their clients’ financial needs in a thoroughly altruistic, client-centric manner.

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Integrity Selling® for Financial Services:

Shift mindsets and give your agents and advisors a proven success roadmap that makes working in the client’s best interest a winning strategy. Build and motivate ethical behavior to forge long-term customer relationships. Use client-focused questioning to increase trust and provide more differentiating value.

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Integrity Coaching

The skills to coach with integrity and nuance for different situations and styles and the will to make coaching a natural habit. Achieve long-term business outcomes by embracing your role as coach. Empower and equip your people to do great things!

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Integrity Service

A comprehensive customer service training program that follows a process designed to help people understand what it means to be a truly customer-focused organization.

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Integrity Selling Refresh

A simple and effective way for agents, advisors and their managers to keep previously learned Integrity Selling principles front-of-mind within their daily workflow without interrupting their day.

Call Center Training Gets Results

Integrity Selling Elevate

For graduates of Integrity Selling, Integrity Selling Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.


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Creating A Coaching Culture For Increased Productivity, Retention, And Goal-Oriented Communication


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Over 16 years ago we introduced Integrity Selling as the only selling system to be supported in our Agency. In 33 years of management, I have never had any selling system deliver results as dramatic or as sustained as the Integrity Selling system. What has made it unique is that it has been extremely effective with brand new producers and with experienced veterans while spanning a time of tremendous change in our industry.

Regional Managing Director, Midwest Region
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Our representatives now see selling as a way for us to create value for our customers. They’re of the mindset that if we don’t effectively sell to customers, if we don’t properly identify their needs, if we don’t offer the right products to meet those needs, then we’re doing a disservice to them.

Keith Goryl
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Our team exceeded 2023’s forecast by a large margin and our growth continues. Our leaders and team feel that this is in large part due to the Integrity Selling approach they learned.

Senior Talent Development Specialist

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