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The medical device industry is poised for tremendous growth, but too many sales reps are working with an outdated playbook. Our medical device sales training equips people with the mindset as well as the skillset and processes to step up to new selling realities.

With aging populations, chronic disease threats, the recent pandemic and ever-changing government regulations, the future of healthcare is being shaped every day. Now more than ever, the medical device industry is playing a crucial role in improving the ability to diagnose and treat illnesses.

But while medical device sales opportunities are growing across a variety of segments, the selling environment has changed dramatically, and it’s pushing even the most experienced sales reps out of their comfort zones. New influencers, broader coalitions of clinical and non-clinical buyers, changing regulations and policies, and the rise of virtual sales calls and product demos have changed the game. Many of the “tried-and-true” approaches taught in medical device sales training programs no longer apply.

Product knowledge is always going to be important. So are clinical relationships. But when you’re selling virtually or need to get a variety of different stakeholders on board, that’s not enough to be successful.

Against these changing industry dynamics, the medical device sales professionals who consistently break through have:

  • A thorough understanding of the business environment they’re operating in
  • The skills, behaviors and mindset to engage in strategic, value-filled conversations with diverse stakeholders
  • The confidence, confidence and commitment to adapt to new selling situations
  • Strong support from an active coaching culture and effective, value-focused processes

Our customized medical device sales training and coaching gives you a proven, value-driven approach for developing consultative sales behaviors (both in person and virtually), equipping your team to adapt to the needs of different influencers and building your sales reps’ self-belief so they can step up to new realities and deliver the value that matters most to each stakeholder.

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  • Build a strong values- and ethics-based culture
  • Create a common sales language across the organization
  • Equip salespeople to sell economic as well as clinical value
  • Create strategic partnerships that open the door for more opportunities
  • Maximize sales performance
  • Enhance leadership capabilities and create a true coaching culture
  • Attract and retain high performers

Medical device sales training that gets results:

  • Sales training with learning dynamics that impact attitudes and beliefs plus skills
  • A medical sales training model easily applied with clinical and non-clinical customers
  • A GAP Analysis process that challenges customers to think differently
  • Strategies to identify and sell different Behavior Styles®
  • A sustainment process that transfers knowledge into new behaviors
  • Coaching resources and materials for cultural alignment

The impact on your team and your business is powerful:  increased sales and productivity, reduced call reluctance, increased achievement drive and greater customer loyalty.

Medical device sales training outcomes:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the medical device and healthcare business environment.
  • Learn the skills, behaviors and mindset to engage in strategic, value-filled conversations with diverse healthcare stakeholders.
  • Build the confidence, competence and commitment to excel in a complex, constantly changing sales environment.
  • Discover and apply proven strategies for effective virtual sales meetings and product demos.
  • Apply an effective, value-focused process to create strong relationships and long-term loyalty.

Medical Devices Sales Training Programs

Integrity Selling for Medical Device Sales equips sales professionals with consultative sales behaviors and skills as well as the value-focused mindset and processes to forge strategic partnerships that will drive your competitive advantage.

pharmaceutical sales training Integrity Selling

Integrity Selling Refresh

A simple and effective way for med device sales reps and their managers to keep previously learned Integrity Selling principles front-of-mind within their daily workflow.

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Integrity Selling Elevate

For graduates of Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.  

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Integrity Coaching

Empower and equip your people to do great things.


Implementing a formal selling process across the Smith & Nephew Sports Medicine division wins a 2018 Training Top 125 Award
increased revenue by 23% vs. the 9% average growth for the market


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The investment we have made is paying huge dividends in shaping a performance-driven culture – where people are motivated and engaged to perform at their highest potential.

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The Integrity Selling Model provides value and enthusiasm for the following reasons: First, it’s a realistic, detailed, and customer-focused approach that allows you to be yourself while having a conversation with the customer. Second, it unifies all (our) lines of business to one language. Finally, it’s a model that world-class organizations provide for their sales forces.

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