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Quest Diagnostics™ was founded in 1967 as Metropolitan Pathology Laboratory, Inc. Today, this Fortune 500 company is the leading provider of high-value, cost-effective diagnostic testing, information and services, with operations in the United States, UK, Latin America and India.


  • Implement a comprehensive sales model across the commercial sales team 
  • Support multiple sales teams working collaboratively within territories 
  • Provide resources that support value creation and delivery 
  • Install a sales process and resources that support the attainment of Quest Diagnostics’ strategic initiatives


Quest Diagnostics underwent a major reorganization that included acquiring and integrating many smaller laboratories. It was during this transformation that Gary Grazioso, Vice President of Commercial Operations, recognized the need for a consistent sales model. At that time, each business line had its own sales model or no model. 

The reorganization presented an opportunity to standardize sales processes and expectations by creating a “common language” across the organization. Stephen Brodeur, Director of Commercial Training and Development, led a selection and implementation team charged with identifying factors required for sales success in a changing, competitive diagnostics market.


After a comprehensive search, Quest decided to partner with Integrity Solutions because we provided:

  • A proven track record and extensive industry experience
  • An effective model that met the company’s objectives
  • A train-the-trainer option
  • A solution based approach that fit well with our matrix organization

Following pilot programs in eight regions, Integrity Selling® was customized and launched to a field sales organization of 1,500 commercial sales representatives and sales directors. Since then, five additional Quest Diagnostics business units have followed suit and implemented the program. The work also expanded into Latin America. 

Brodeur says, “I’ve never found a follow-up program that provides the type of impact that the Integrity program delivers,” adding that leaders play a key role in coaching providing ongoing reinforcement. 


The Integrity Selling® approach has been fully integrated into the Quest Diagnostics’ culture. 

Quest has certified approximately 40 internal trainers to facilitate Integrity Selling. They lead a sustainment plan based on the following: 

All new commercial sales representatives participate in the workshop and 8-week follow-up course.

Role play evaluation criteria is based on the model.

Concepts are woven into and reinforced at all national sales meeting activities.

Field contact forms are based on effective application of the model.

Content resources and product sales guides are fully integrated in the organization’s CRM.


The customer-centric model has shifted mindsets to focus more on what the customer needs and how Quest Diagnostics can provide solutions to those needs. Salespeople have actively engaged in the reinforcement activities, and with a new sales coaching report in their CRM that aligns with the Integrity Selling® model, the concepts remain top of mind and tied to everyday performance. 

Other departments and business units from Corporate Accounts and Employer Solutions to Human Resources, have also chosen to adopt the Integrity Selling® model because it helps them maintain a customer-centric approach in their work. 

Anecdotal reports of success from individual sales representatives and directors, as well as organic growth during the past several years, can all be attributed at least in part to the Integrity Selling® implementation.


Improved account penetration; stronger customer relationships

Zero turnover

Consistent, customer-centric approach

Increased accountability

Cultural integration across the organization

Sustained behavior change and application

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The Integrity Selling® Model provides value and enthusiasm for several reasons: First, it’s a realistic, detailed and customer-focused approach that allows you to be yourself while having a sales conversation with the customer. Second, it unifies all Quest lines of business to one language. Finally, it’s a model that other world-class sales organizations provide for their sales forces.

Frank Turucz
Executive Sales Director


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We originally chose Integrity Selling® based on the key needs identified in our decision matrix. However, after partnering with Integrity Solutions on subsequent projects, we’ve found they’re phenomenal to work with. They live their philosophy in their business and are 100% invested in the our success. It isn’t often that I use the term ‘partner,’ but that is very relevant for our relationship with Integrity Solutions.

Stephen Brodeur

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