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Integrity Selling Credit Union Training - The Member Advantage

Build Member Relationships That Lead to Next-Level Growth

The breadth and depth of your products and services are one important measure — they’re top notch. But that’s not enough to build longtime, trust-based relationships with your members. Here’s how credit unions do that consistently and for the long-term:

  • They develop and support their employees’ confidence, competence, and commitment to creating superior value for members;
  • They build a sales and service process culture-wide that’s intensely focused on customer needs

We address critical credit union challenges like yours, including:

  • Needing to grow share of wallet, but maybe your representatives have an aversion to what they perceive to be ‘selling?’”
  • A corporate culture that leans much more toward the ‘service side’ of sales and service; is sales seen as a ‘dirty word’?.. 
  • Struggling to balance accountability with managerial support and one-to-one coaching
  • Need to grow non-interest revenue per FTE, but staff doesn’t ask thoughtful questions or know how to handle tough objections in conversations
Credit Union Training for sales teams

The Member Advantage™ (TMA) is a highly interactive service/sales development process created specifically for credit unions. Leveraging Integrity Solutions® proprietary learning methodology, TMA is based on the foundational process used for developing member needs-focused, consultative sales skills in service professionals—Integrity Selling® for Service Professionals (ISSP). Content can be customized for increased relevancy and creates a common language across the organization.

  • Selling with integrity creates value.
  • Serving with integrity sustains value…
  • and member value leads to loyalty and asset growth.

Credit Union Training Sales Topics


  • Build selling and service skills with a values and ethics-based focus on deeply understanding and meeting members’ needs
  • Strengthen trusted member relationships
  • Techniques designed to ensure a mutual exchange of value by adapting a positive mindset about service and selling
  • Improve listening and questioning skills to reveal member needs, wants and concerns- and earn their trust
  • Embrace accountability
  • Enhance leadership and coaching abilities


  • Shift mindsets around service and selling; break down negative perceptions of selling
  • Increase confidence by strengthening the positive attitudes and emotional factors that drive high achievement and great service
  • Align front-line and support staff around your culture and values
  • Discover next-level opportunities for growth



Through online social interaction, video-based learning, gamification and accountability activities—combined with facilitator-led workshops and coaching sessions—The Member Advantage™ credit union training leverages the latest developments in learning. Our flexible approach drives real results.

Hallmarks of The Member Advantage™ (TMA)

Behavior Change:

 A powerful learning process called Discovery Learning. Unique experiential sessions encourage people to practice and apply service/selling success principles.

Impact the Whole Person:

Addresses the inner issues that cause success, including attitudes, values, self-beliefs and achievement drive

Cultural Consistency

A proven, easily adaptable and personalized service/sales process. TMA provides a common language for people to embrace, while reinforcing positive behaviors and creating a high-performance culture.

Behavior Change:

We define service/sales as identifying and filling needs people have and creating value for members. This definition develops stronger competence, confidence and commitment in your service/sales professionals and, in turn, deepens relationships and trust with your members.

Universally Applicable:

Relevant in the global marketplace because of its principle-based foundation. Applicable to all levels of experience.

It’s Fun!:

Your Service and Sales professionals will actually use this process.


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A Culture Shift To ‘sales Equals Service And Service Equals Sales’ Results In Unprecedented Loan Growth
A 6X increase in loan applications and over $100M growth in loans
Mexico City Financial center and business district close to Paseo De Reforma
Wauna Credit Union
Unprecedented Financial Growth Through A Sales And Service Culture That Understands And Fulfills Members’ Needs
increase in deposit growth in two years
Orlando Florida, skyline, Lake Eola
Orlando Federal Credit Union
Improved Financial Performance, Member Service Scores And Employee Retention Through Changing Views Of Teamwork & Service
member service scores now consistently above 90%; 35% decrease in employee turnover
View of the clouds reflected in the curve glass office building
Baptist Health South Florida Credit Union
Experiencing Steady Growth Since The Adoption Of Integrity Selling® A Decade Ago
Total loans increased 139% over the 5-year period of the implementation.


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The Member Advantage reflects our philosophy and commitment to our members. We meet our member(s) where they want to be met and provide solutions to make dreams come true through active disciplines of TMA principles that deepen the members relationship.

Chris Severin, VP of Retail
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I wanted to transition away from an order-taking culture, but I didn’t want to sacrifice member service. Integrity Solutions’ philosophy is that ‘sales equals service, and service equals sales.’ I’d never seen it explained that way, but I loved it because it helps people see that sales is about looking out for your members’ needs.

Brandon Michaels, President & CEO
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Our legacy of a strong “Service is Sales, Sales is Service” culture has been significantly enhanced through the adoption of The Member Advantage™ for front-line staff as they communicate and connect with our cherished membership.

Chris O’Malley, Senior Vice President Branch and Support Operations & Chief Information Officer
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There was a lot of negativity in the beginning when we talked about selling. No one wanted to become a ‘used car salesman.’ With Integrity Solutions’ approach, I was able to show our staff that a sales and service culture means understanding the needs of the members and fulfilling those needs. By doing that we’re actually providing great service—and that’s our ultimate goal.

Robert Blumberg, CEO
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Exceptional engagement is a primary driver of what we do every day; it’s members first with everything. We wanted a program that neared that, that was consultative in nature. Integrity most aligned with what we were trying to accomplish and, even more importantly, with our core values.

Christopher Groshco, Assistant Vice President Sales & Service
The Member Advantage: Serving the Needs of Credit Unions
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Your Members Are Our Priority.

Credit Unions Across the Country Have Trusted Integrity Solutions to Deliver Unmatched Value to their Members.

Let’s talk about how we can do that for you.