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Training Reinforcement — Integrity Selling Refresh®

Equip Your Seasoned Salespeople with Just-in-Time Learning and Tools to Drive Strong, Sustained Sales Performance

Integrity Selling Refresh® is a simple and effective program for sales reps and managers to always keep Integrity Selling front-of-mind – within their daily workflow and without taking reps out of the field (or off the phones). Whether your sales team was immersed in Integrity Selling six months ago or five years ago, this Refresh program keeps Integrity Selling relevant so they don’t backslide into old habits.

Developed exclusively or experienced salespeople previously trained in Integrity Selling, The Member Advantage or organizations looking to offer continuous learning, Integrity Selling Refresh® reinforces and reinvigorates core Integrity Selling® and The Member Advantage principles efficiently, effectively and without distracting sales teams from their busy schedules. The platform can also be a site for ongoing peer review and learning.

It’s a great way to leverage asynchronous, digital learning to sustain and reinforce the impact of Integrity Selling, and also introduce assessments, gamification and social learning to your team to improve engagement and application.

Integrity Selling Refresh is tailored to your sales reps’ specific needs, busy schedules, and varied locations. They can tap Refresh at any time or place with short-burst learning modules that sharpen skills, build confidence in specific areas, and help drive immediate positive impact on sales performance.


This program quickly and effectively engages people while reinforcing essential skills and behaviors as they go about their daily work. The result: increased retention, application and impact.

Proven Microlearning Approach

Using short, asynchronous digital learning to sustain and reinforce key concepts, the program helps you enhance long-term learning outcomes and ROI through a combination of assessments, gamification, knowledge checks, social learning and collaboration for next-level application.

Real-World Peer Learning

Sales reps and managers have opportunities to learn from their peers as they view field reports based on actual customer interactions and participate in online discussions. And the cloud-based design, with its intuitive layout and social features built right in, makes it easy to scale across geographically dispersed teams.

Healthy Competition

Gamification aspects tap into the natural desire to compete, achieve and be rewarded for our efforts. As they complete sections, sales reps accumulate points and badges, keeping them “in the game” as they track their position on the Leaderboard.

Coaching Support

Because effective coaching is such an integral part of every salesperson’s success, the manager version of the program includes a Coaching section that links to ways to coach components of Integrity Selling®. These tips and resources are built directly into the content, but are viewable only by managers.

Learners who review the core videos, tools and assessments and complete all of the activities typically complete the refresher in about 2.5 hours total. The experience can be split up across several short modules or completed in one sitting. As a self-paced learning program, time spent on it will vary depending on how involved the learner is in the social aspects of the platform. If the learner doesn’t finish the program in its entirety, the status on the dashboard will show their work as incomplete.

Client Success

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“Integrity Selling® is a realistic, detailed and customer-focused approach that allows you to be yourself while having a conversation with the customer. It unifies all Quest lines of business to one common language. And it’s a model that world-class sales organizations provide for their sales forces.”

Frank Turucz,
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“I have never had any selling system deliver results as dramatic or sustained as the Integrity Selling® System. What has made it unique is that it has been extremely effective with brand new producers and with experienced veterans, while spanning a time of tremendous change in our industry.”

Regional Managing Director,
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“The thing I appreciate most about Integrity Selling® is that it is relevant and easily applied across all our business units. Having a common language has increased collaboration and teamwork.” –

Executive Sales Director
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“It is critically important to deliver a consistent message and approach to our customers. The Integrity Selling® module has equipped our sales associates with a systematic and common approach for preparation, qualifying the customer and sales call follow up. Integrity Solutions was the right investment at the right time for our business.”

Jon Dartt,


Business office building in London
Transforming Internal Sales Teams Into a Value-Driven, Customer-Focused Culture
Integrity Selling®’s focus on trust and honesty helped me become an Advisor’s ‘annuity guru’ and generated $1.2 million in new business.
Internal Wholesaler
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Significant internal Sales Team growth, with total sales increasing 47% since the relationship with Integrity Solutions began.
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Quest Diagnostics
Comprehensive Sales Model Shaping Culture, Improving Sales Effectiveness
Stock Market Concepts
How Integrity Selling® Helped A Fortune 500 Company Triple Asset Retention Results To Over $2.3b
Retained over 70% of new sales hires, over 4 years

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