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This leading Fortune 500 financial services company has firmly established itself as an organization that consistently delivers differentiating value for its customers. Every year, significantly higher performance and sales goals are established—and achieved—because of learning solutions that encompass skill development and reinforcement through workshops, coaching and processes grounded in Integrity Solutions principles. 

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I have never had any selling system deliver results as dramatic or sustained as the Integrity Selling® System. What has made it unique is that it has been extremely effective with brand new producers and with experienced veterans, while spanning a time of tremendous change in our industry.

– Regional Managing Director


Working with Integrity Solutions, the company has aligned their core values with their customer relationship and management approaches, implementing Integrity Selling®, Integrity Coaching® and Achieve!™. The company’s outstanding performance can be attributed to: 

  • Shifting the underlying attitudes and beliefs about selling that can inhibit sales success, transforming salespeople with the skills and behaviors they need to build trusted relationships and strong partnerships with their clients. 
  • Developing managers into leaders who balance goal directedness with people development and create an environment where employees are challenged and motivated to perform at higher levels.
  • Increasing productivity and achievement drive by helping managers and sales teams work through emotional barriers and belief systems that could limit their goal achievement.

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Achieve!™ is one of the most positive and inspiring experiences I have been through in my professional career. It helped provide laser focus on my goals and the track to achieve them. Immediate, powerful, and measurable impact to your business!

– Managing Director


Annual sales increased between 27% and 35%

Tripled asset retention results ($785 million to $2.3 billion)

$ million
Increased additional assets ($143 million)

Top talent retention:

Retained over 70% of new sales hires, over 4 years

Established a 40% retention rate for past 10 years; industry standard is 11%


Achievement of General Agency Managers Association (GAMA) Master Agency classification 

Improved goal setting and planning, resulting in faster business market entry

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