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Create a High Performance Culture with Achieve

As the economy rebounds, your organization is likely looking at how to re-energize your employees and propel your teams forward. It takes vision, drive and focus to unlock next-level achievement within your organization and turn it into a competitive differentiator.

Developing a high-energy, high accountability culture — whether in your sales, operations, leadership or customer service teams — requires a scalable, repeatable process that will help people step up and take responsibility for driving higher productivity and results. By increasing confidence, accountability, focus and motivation, the Achieve™ process gives people a system and strategies to move past self-limiting behaviors and other barriers to success while building the kind of high-performance culture that attracts, engages and retains top talent.

Program Overview

Achieve™ is a dynamic roadmap for building an engaged and energized high-performance culture. With Achieve, people believe in their own potential, re-ignite their purpose, and take accountability for their own success.

What is the process that is foundational to Achieve™? 

Achieve™ is a grounded in Integrity Solutions’ 5-Step Achievement System, a scalable, repeatable goal setting and achievement process that enables people to work through emotional barriers keeping them from attaining the next level of professional success.

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Successful goal achievement

Why Achieve?

Organizations have used Achieve™ to:

  • Create a culture that attracts and retains high performers 
  • Develop a success roadmap for the executive team
  • Establish a fast track for new producers
  • Equip experienced professionals with a platform for next‑level performance
  • Implement a common framework for establishing motivating goals
  • Amplify the impact of coaching with a focus on goal progress and achievement drive
  • Increase employee engagement and accountability while building a sense of shared purpose

Organizations that use Achieve™ see a rise in individual and team achievement, an increase in employee engagement through enhanced coaching effectiveness, attraction and retention of high performers, and noteworthy business results that accompany increases in purpose, passion, and performance.  

What Makes Achieve So Impactful?  

  1. Participants learn a simple process for setting and attaining goals previously viewed as unattainable!   
  2. Highly interactive program dynamics
  3. Skills and behaviors are reinforced with an 8-week follow-up course to ensure application and accountability.  
  4. Principles that unlock hidden potential and increase confidence.  Participants build the belief that their goals are possible.  
  5. A framework that increases goal alignment and buy-in to the organizational direction.  

When participants set specific goals and develop strategies for attaining them – while removing those stubborn emotional roadblocks – people often achieve increases of 20% or more.  

The environment that results from this program is uplifting.  It supports and encourages innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset.


The implementation platform includes:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Interactive half-day workshop
  • 8 week sustainment and accountability program
  • Post Assessment 
  • Ongoing Reinforcement and one-on-one coaching 
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Get the proper foundation

Often described by clients as the most powerful solution Integrity Solutions offers, Achieve™ has been shown to deliver significantly higher retention and new business close rates, particularly for organizations that use it in combination with Integrity Coaching® and/or Integrity Selling®.

Client Success

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“Achieve is one of the most positive and inspiring experiences that I have been through in my professional career. It helped provide laser focus on my goals and the track I need to take to achieve them. Immediate, powerful, and measurable impact to your business!”

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