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How A Global Medical Devices Leader Built Consultative, Collaborative Relationships with Healthcare Providers


This global organization develops and sells innovative medical device products in laryngectomy and tracheostomy care, serving people living with a neck stoma in over 90 countries. Because the company is committed to creating the best experience for customers, clinical research and education of both professionals and patients are integral parts of its business. 


The company’s sales organization includes a field sales team, which is responsible for working with primary healthcare providers, and a direct-to-consumer (DTC) team. To strengthen customer relationships and increase field sales, leadership determined that they needed to:

  • Create a sales culture that aligns with the company’s values and mission
  • Implement a sales model and process that would help customers make buying decisions that are in their best interest
  • Develop a consistent sales language and process across the organization
  • Build consultative selling skills to increase trust and create more value


When the VP of Sales joined the company as head of field sales, there was no formal training offered in the field organization and no consistency in terms of sales language and process. What’s more, half of the team was comprised of clinicians who had never sold before and had an aversion to the idea of being viewed as salespeople. To continue to meet their goals and provide the best experience for their customers, the team needed to shift their mindsets about sales and learn how to build consultative, collaborative relationships with healthcare providers.


The organization chose Integrity Solutions because its emphasis on mindset and the Integrity model’s consultative, client-needs-driven approach stood apart from much of the sales training on the market. The VP of Sales highlighted the congruence model, specifically, for how it could help clinicians shift their mindsets about what sales means and feel pride and purpose in their role.

Leadership initially approved Integrity Selling training for the field team only, with plans to develop a program in-house for the direct-to-consumer team. However, after a subgroup of the DTC team experienced a portion of the Integrity model during a national sales meeting, they pushed to get funding approved for their team as well. The company has now partnered with Integrity Solutions on a comprehensive implementation that has included:

  • A foundation in Integrity Selling for the field team and for the direct-to-consumer team in the U.S.
  • Follow-up development for the field team at a national sales meeting
  • Development of an Integrity-focused sales tool to accompany a new product launch
  • Integrity Coaching for managers to develop the skills and mindset to support their teams
  • Coaching to Integrity Selling for managers


  • Three consecutive years of double-digit growth in hospital sales
  • Hospital-based (field) business is consistently overperforming on budget
  • Integrity approach and common sales language is rooted in the overall culture

Based on the tremendous success the field team has already seen, the company is putting all new sales reps in the U.S. through Integrity Selling when they join the organization. Other countries have expressed interest as well, and the ultimate goal is to make Integrity a global standard throughout the company. 


Straight Years of double-digit growth in hospital sales

Emphasis on a consultative, client-needs-driven approach

Aligned sales team with the company’s mission and values

Leveraging a consistent sales language and coaching for a unified sales culture

Increase trust and consistently create more value


“I think of Integrity Solutions as a company that helps you sell the way a buyer wants to buy. No one wants to be sold to or feel like they’ve been manipulated. The Integrity model helps customers uncover needs that maybe they didn’t even realize upfront that they had.” – VP of Sales – Field & DtC

Managers absolutely loved Integrity Coaching. Many said it was some of the best sales development training they’ve ever had. [The Integrity approach] is now engrained in the overall culture and psyche of our company.” – VP of Sales – Field & DtC

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