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With the pace of digital change increasing, many learning leaders are stuck in reactive mode to short-term training requests and playing catch-up rather than strategizing on their long-term goals.

L&D teams are increasingly feeling pressured by executive teams to measure–and verify–the impact learning has on the company (according to a recent survey by LEO Learning and Watershed). 

To prove training’s effectiveness and value to the organization, secure stakeholder buy-in and deliver impactful corporate training, Training and Learning and Development (L&D) leaders alike must unify their approach, tools and processes. They must embrace a broader role within the organization and deliver an ambitious vision for the function.

It’s a strategic approach to corporate training and development that separates the leaders from the laggers.

Whether measuring the impact or return on investment (ROI), this requires:

  • being deliberate about articulating what success looks like upfront
  • understanding what’s current happening (and not happening)
  • uncovering what will motivate lasting behavior change
  • designing learning for immediate as well as long-term application
  • strategically deploying the right digital capabilities to meet the needs of the business and your learners — and not simply because the technology exists.

Access this insightful, on-demand webinar (in partnership with Training Industry, Inc.) where our Amara Hunt, vice president of product strategy, and Will Milano, chief marketing officer, share key insights on how to design and develop a successful digital and non-digital learning experience and four ways to measure effective training.

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View the webinar and gain insights on:

  • How to identify learning and business outcomes and the behaviors that support them.
  • Developing human-centered learning journeys that sustain and reinforce behavior change.
  • The keys to enabling learning within the flow of work, leveraging both digital and non-digital experiences.
  • The four ways training initiatives can be evaluated.
  • How to determine impactful corporate training metrics in terms of ROI.

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