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In an environment where customer expectations are changing, new competitors are cropping up every day and it’s harder than ever to attract, engage and retain talent, banks and credit unions are realizing that digital transformation isn’t enough to ensure future success. Culture transformation is vital. But shifting culture is a comprehensive process that requires senior leadership commitment and shared understanding across the organization. Ultimately, the way you develop and treat people says more about the culture than a one- or two-day class.

This interactive webinar, co-hosted by Integrity Solutions Facilitator Steven Lozada and Greg Hodges, Chief Banking Officer with Merchants & Marine Bank, explored the ins and outs of culture change, with particular focus on the roles of senior leadership, training and coaching in establishing and supporting the desired culture. Watch the recording and get specific strategies and real-world examples for equipping people with the mindset and skillset to support a shift in culture across the entire organization.

Co-Presenter Steven Lozada

And you’ll hear how, in just 6 short months, Merchants & Marine Bank:

  • Increased month-over-month loan growth by 15%
  • Doubled earnings

Watch this webinar and learn:

· How to use training and coaching to overcome the fear of change and help shift the culture

· The role of language and stories as major drivers of culture change, including how specific operative terms influence culture

· How to redefine the role of sales and coaching in support of meeting and exceeding customer expectations

· A model for engaging in coaching conversations, starting with senior leaders and cascading throughout the organization

· Practical tips for engaging learners (including those reticent to participate) in sales training