Integrity Solutions Podcast

Organizations often wrestle with a performance gap with individuals and teams. What’s at the heart of it? What can people look at most immediately for optimizing their performance? An interview with Mike Esterday, CEO of Integrity Solutions.

Optimizing Sales Performance Podcast Key Takeaways:

  • Why performance is more important today than perhaps ever, how training can shape stronger performance, and how you can unleash a stronger drive to achieve among your people.
  • Millennials tend to have a stronger sense of purpose that they want in their job; and if they don’t get it they’re quicker to leave and go elsewhere.
  • The lack of belief by managers in their people impacts them negatively and they pick up on it. Therefore they perform to the level that their managers expect of them.
  • When you think of your top-performing people, at least 50% of their success is due to the ‘soft stuff’- attitudes and achievement drive. And in many cases it’s upward of 85%.
  • People want meaningful work. We can help that by helping people articulate a Purpose Statement. Teams can write collective Purpose Statements together.
  • When salespeople shift their view of what they’re doing from selling products to improving the quality of people’s lives their sales performance naturally improves.
  • The learning process has to go beyond having good content and facilitators and a “training event” and actually changing behavior through ongoing practice, weekly reinforcement and peer sharing and manager coaching.

Quotes from Mike Esterday:

“Managers often hire two people; they think both will be great. They have the right education and experience. One succeeds and the other one fails miserably. It often comes down to their beliefs- their mental paradigms.”

“Most leaders tend to understand that their individuals and their teams need to perform at a higher level. But the question is do the people see themselves performing at a higher level. And even more interesting is do the managers believe their people can perform at a higher level?..” 

“Most people perform at the level they think they should be performing on. We think that all growth begins with stretching that ‘area of the possible’- and that’s where training and managers coaching can really come in to help people.”  

“Organizations that focus on purpose tend to light that fire (in their people) more.”

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