Customers aren’t going to buy unless they trust who they’re working with, and the same goes for your team members. That’s where the importance of the sales culture that’s being created comes in.

Sales managers are pivotal for any sales team to reach and exceed their goals, but true sales leadership is about more than managing numbers and pipelines. It’s about creating a people-first sales culture where they feel secure, supported, and clear about the goals they need to achieve.

In this episode, Helen Fanucci, a transformational sales leader with Microsoft, shares what sales managers should think about when it comes to leading and coaching their teams.

Also a recent author, Helen shares tactics from her book Love Your Team, a Survival Guide for Sales Managers in a Hybrid World, which discusses strategies sales managers can implement to build stronger team cultures and deliver outsized business performance while retaining top talent.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the accelerated shift to hybrid made good sales management essential
  • The importance of establishing outcome-based goals and objectives, not activity-based
  • How to approach sales coaching conversations with your team

What to listen for:

  • [01:26] What a great sales culture looks like
  • [05:05] Shifting to hybrid requires good sales management
  • [10:30] Who makes a good sales leader
  • [15:05] How to introduce yourself to your team
  • [18:20] The difference between leading, managing, and coaching
  • [24:18] What sales coaching conversations look like
  • [27:50] Sales leaders should help salespeople go beyond what they think is capable for them
  • [32:45] Where coaching plays a role in sales training & development
  • [35:08] What salespeople should be asking of their sales managers

Join us on this latest episode of Mental Selling for insights behind leveling up your management skills and how sales leadership is more than just managing numbers and pipelines. Check out the full episode!

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