Leveraging thought leadership is critical for brands, especially in B2B, but what does it do for individual sellers?

In this conversation, we speak with Bill Sherman, COO of Thought Leadership Leverage and Co-Host of the Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast. He helps connects the dots between the value and role of thought leadership and creating better sales outcomes. He explains how to use the four pillars of a successful thought leadership strategy to overcome objections, instill confidence, and build relationships.

Bill emphasizes the importance of getting ahead of buyers’ online research. He explains if you aren’t getting your ideas and insights out early, you’re missing the opportunity for creating new conversations.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage thought leadership to boost sales
  • How to tailor content to your buyer’s stage in the sales cycle
  • How to master the four pillars of a successful thought leadership strategy

What to listen for:

  • [02:00] How thought leadership helps salespeople
  • [12:00] Why curated insights matter to buyers
  • [20:00] The four elements of a successful thought leadership strategy
  • [31:45] Tailoring thought leadership content to the sales cycle and buyer’s journey
  • [40:00] Rekindling customer relationships with relevant content

Thought leadership can be a key tool for boosting sales outcomes. However, this approach can be a swing and a miss if you don’t provide insights that are valuable to your audience.

Focus on offering content that is deeply relevant to your customers and your business. Help your buyers see around corners. Consider up-and-coming topics that your buyers may not have in mind. Offer them predictive insights to draw them to you as an expert and trusted advisor.

For more of Bill’s insights and tips on boosting sales and improving customer relationships through thought leadership, tune into this latest episode of Mental Selling. 🎧

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