Integrity Solutions Announces the Official Release of Listen to Sell: How Your Mindset, Skillset, and Human Connections Unlock Sales Performance

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NASHVILLE, TN (February 7, 2024) – Integrity Solutions has announced the official release of its newest book, Listen to Sell: How Your Mindset, Skillset, and Human Connections Unlock Sales Performance. Co-authored by sales experts and coaches Mike Esterday and Derek Roberts and published by Page Two Books, this practical guide is filled with actionable plans and tools that draw on their decades of industry experience to reveal the conversations, mindset, and skillset needed to amplify your sales confidence and bring purpose back to your customer relationships.

Rather than yet another book of selling techniques designed to convince people to buy something, Listen to Sell focuses on the true driver of sales success: the human element. By redefining sales as a process of uncovering needs, meeting needs, and creating value for people, the book celebrates sales as a profession to be proud of and salespeople as a respected, valued partner.

“We wrote Listen to Sell to help people think differently about their role so they can break through plateaus and achieve more — for themselves and their customers,” Esterday says. “While the world of sales has grown much more complex, the secret to success lies in mastering the universal people principles and behaviors that apply regardless of what is happening today, last year or ten years from now. Because in any selling environment, the most significant variable in your sales success is you.”

A Book that Reinvigorates the Human Side of Selling

As the selling environment has evolved and the sales ecosystem has grown more complex, many salespeople are beginning to question whether their role still has meaning. Some are wondering whether they even want to be in sales anymore. Esterday and Roberts believe there’s never been a better time to be in sales, and the principles, examples, tips, assessments and exercises they offer in Listen to Sell reinforce that conviction.

“The fact is, professional salespeople and strong sales leaders have never been more necessary, and there have never been more opportunities to be successful and fulfilled in your work,” Roberts says. “The insights and human connection you bring to the sales conversation are more valuable than the most sophisticated algorithms.”

The book lays out principles of selling better with integrity through the lens of three pivotal conversations that influence sales success, each of which are rooted in the power of listening:

  1. The conversations you have with yourself (mindset): Successful salespeople cultivate a mindset of genuine desire and curiosity to understand. They believe that they have within themselves what it’s going to take to create value for their customers.
  2. The conversations you have with customers (skillset): Successful salespeople ask compelling questions and seek thoughtful answers. Listen to Sell provides an easy-to-use process for listening to the words, body language, tone and messages “between the lines,” and for asking the kinds of questions that will provoke more in-depth conversation.
  3. The conversations you have with your coach (skill and will): Successful salespeople are supported by coaches who believe their salespeople can achieve more, helping them identify and overcome self-limiting behaviors.

Because coaching is pivotal to sales success, Listen to Sell includes almost 200 coaching questions and tips for managers that can also be used as a self-coaching guide by individual sales professionals.

Key Messages in Listen to Sell:

  1. Professional salespeople and strong sales leaders have never been more necessary, and there have never been more opportunities to be successful and fulfilled in your work. Now is a great time to be in sales.
  2. At its core, selling is about asking smart, relevant, compelling questions to uncover needs that the salesperson can address. But great questions are useless if you are unwilling or unable to truly listen to the answers. Fully engaging your ears and brain takes practice, skill and will.
  3. Your mindset can either limit your potential or remove all barriers in your way. What you believe about selling and what you believe about how good you are at it, how good your product is, what you value, how committed you are and what you deserve to achieve all influence your sales success.
  4. New tools, new skills and more training are important as the sales ecosystem evolves. Yet regardless of what’s happening in the industry at any given moment, the secret to sales success lies in mastering the human elements in sales. Trust and authenticity will always be a professional salesperson’s biggest differentiators.
  5. Whether someone is new to the profession or a star salesperson who has hit (or wants to avoid hitting) a plateau, coaching is essential for sales success.

“Listen to Sell: How Your Mindset, Skillset, and Human Connections Unlock Sales Performance” is available now. For a free preview of the book and additional information about bulk orders and speaker inquiries, visit the Listen to Sell website.

About the Authors

Mike Esterday first discovered his talent for sales when he ranked number one out of 6,000 sales professionals in his first sales role, and then recruited and managed hundreds of salespeople. Forty years later, Esterday is a sought-after coach, speaker and leader in sales management and training. Esterday established multiple successful companies and is a founding partner and CEO of Integrity Solutions. A past board member of ISA, the global Association of Learning Providers, he is a contributing member of the Forbes Business Council.

Derek Roberts has built, trained and coached sales teams and sales leaders for nearly thirty years. Although he is an executive coach, consultant and professional speaker, he is quick to identify himself first and foremost as a sales professional. An executive partner with Integrity Solutions since 1999, Roberts also owns the consulting and training firm Roberts Business Group, which sells and distributes Integrity Solutions’ products. In addition to “Listen to Sell,” Roberts is co-author of “Be a Mindsetter: The Essential Guide to Inspire, Influence and Impact Others.”

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