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The second half of the year is a critical time for every business, particularly as we begin to get a clearer picture of how the sales pipeline and forecast are shaping up in relation to where we need to be at year’s end.

One key area of scrutiny: that stalled “no decision” portion of the pipeline.

With CSO Insights reporting that deals lost to no decision often make up as much as one-quarter of the sales forecast, those accounts also represent a huge opportunity for your sales team. Converting these prospects will go a long way towards closing the gap between today’s numbers and your end-of-year goals.

Are your salespeople ready to move those no decision accounts to action?

Here are 10 quotes from Integrity Selling for the 21st Century to share with your team to inspire them to deliver more value for their prospective and existing customers and start building powerful momentum for a successful second half of 2016.

Few things influence our external level of success more than the inner, unconscious pictures we hold of ourselves. Until we change the pictures on the inside, nothing on the outside will change. 

The main challenge of selling is emotional control. Learn to manage your emotions and you’ll manage your sales outcomes.

Be driven by purpose. You owe it to your customers to create as much value for them as you can.

The more you focus on your customers’ needs and your need to create value for them, the more you’ll sell.

Many sales have been pulled out of the fire because of the salesperson’s ability to ask questions and help customers sort out what they want.

Instead of trying to persuade people, attempt to understand them. 

Often, by patiently drawing out people’s feelings, you can help them overcome their internal conflict of making a decision.

Attempting to change people’s thinking usually causes them to strengthen their positions and become more rigid in their views. But if you value people’s questions and concerns, they’ll value your attempts to help them.

Salespeople with the healthiest and highest self-esteem don’t have overblown egos. These highly successful salespeople view their job as creating value for customers. 

People are silently begging, “Don’t try to sell stuff to me. Listen to me, value me, understand me, and let me know that you want to help me.”

What are you doing to help your salespeople convert those no-decision deals into real numbers this year? Could account bases selling be the answer?

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