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Many sales influencers are doing great things, but we wanted to shine a spotlight on a few of our favorites, those whose viewpoints align well with ours and can help motivate you and your teams to perform better. 

One of our goals at Integrity Solutions is to help our clients think differently and expand their knowledge about the sales profession, sales performance improvement and leadership, customer service and delivering exceptional client experiences. Of course, we love our own insights as much as anyone…but no one has a monopoly on great thinking. 

There are many sales profession experts out there covering a wide range of selling topics and focusing on a variety of different niches. Many of these sales influencers are doing great things, but we wanted to shine a spotlight on a few of our favorites, those whose viewpoints align well with ours and can help motivate you and your teams to perform better in 2020. 

Whether you’re trying to get better as a salesperson, sales leader, contact center leader or learning & development professional, here are (in no particular order) some of the leading thinkers in the industry today who might inspire you on your journey. 

Sales Influencers You Should Be Following

Alan Allard 

Alan shares our fundamental belief that selling is far more about what salespeople believe, their motivations and the behaviors they adopt than mere “sales skills.” Read his blog and follow Alan on Twitter. 

Joanne Black 

Joanne is relentlessly and passionately focused on the power and importance of proactively getting customer referrals in sales. She also is a believer in sales leaders getting their heads out of spreadsheets and technology and providing their reps with the tools to truly succeed. Follow Joanne on Twitter. 

Tiffani Bova 

A growth and innovation evangelist, Tiffany is a leading thinker in customer experience, company culture and sales. As Tiffany has said, customer service is the new growth engine, and customer experience is the new product. Follow Tiffany on Twitter

David Brock

David is one of the sharpest minds in the sales performance improvement industry, and his Partners in Excellence blog is always a great read. He offers clear and honest perspectives on what it takes to succeed as a salesperson and a sales leader, while also bringing the customer’s perspective into the picture. Follow David on Twitter

George Bronten

 George emphasizes the importance of making technology a servant of your sales team, rather than the other way around. He also shares our fundamental belief that we must understand the essential human nature of buyers and sellers. Follow him on Twitter. (And stay tuned for a new podcast interview we’re conducting with George soon!)

Jonathan Farrington 

As CEO of JF Initiatives and Top Sales World, our friend Jonathan aggregates some of the best content around in the sales profession. We’re proud to partner with and regularly contribute to Top Sales World. You may have seen articles like this one, by our CEO, Mike Esterday, who was also a panelist on a recent lively and insight-filled Top Sales Roundtable. Follow Top Sales World on Twitter.  

Colleen Francis

Colleen offers up an array of proven sales strategies and practical insights that can help any salesperson deepen their customer relationships. She understands today’s selling challenges and that business leaders can no longer rely on sales approaches that are based on techniques from decades ago—or even last year. Subscribe to Colleen on YouTube and follow her on Twitter

Mark Hunter

The number one issue salespeople struggle with is prospecting effectively. As a prominent speaker and author, Mark is brutally honest about stripping away excuses and focusing on the discipline and rigor it takes for salespeople to get and advance meetings with new prospects. He understands that potential is not limited by what someone sells or what something costs but only by a salesperson’s thinking—a point that’s at the core of everything we teach. Read his blog and follow Mark on Twitter

Anthony Iannarino

As a speaker, author and consultant, Anthony delivers no-nonsense advice when it comes to, among other things, the importance of value creation in sales today and the indisputable truths about why salespeople struggle to get meetings. Listen to his In the Arena Podcast and follow Anthony on Twitter.  

Lisa Earle McLeod

I first heard Lisa speak at a conference about three years ago and have followed her work ever since. Along with her blog, her book, Selling With Noble Purpose, gets to the heart of why salespeople who genuinely understand how they can make a difference for customers consistently outsell their more quota-driven counterparts. Follow Lisa on Twitter

Lori Richardson

With specific expertise in attracting, hiring, and retaining top women sellers and sales leaders, Lori is an engaging sales strategist, keynote speaker and author. She leads the highly influential Women Sales Pros community of experts, which supports women in B2B sales and sales leadership. Like us, Lori is a partner of AA-ISP. Follow WomenSalesPros and Lori on Twitter

What about you? Where do you turn for new sales profession expertise and insights (besides Integrity Solutions, of course!)? 

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