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Why are some salespeople uniquely successful? What investments should companies be making to increase the overall effectiveness of their sales organizations?

From economic volatility to demographic shifts to new competitive models, the selling environment has never been more challenging or complex. Now more than ever, we need hard data to understand what sales training and performance strategies will actually deliver the business results we need.

Integrity Solutions’ latest research study, in partnership with the Sales Management Association (SMA), aims to answer those questions by uncovering the specific skills, attitudes and beliefs that propel top salespeople.

We’ll be looking at some of the critical factors organizations of all industries should be considering when it comes to getting more ROI from their sales training initiatives. We’ll also examine what they need to do in order to make sure they’re able to attract, retain and continually develop a top-notch sales team.

The findings are expected to address issues like:

  • The root cause of sales effectiveness
  • What drives top performers’ success
  • Whether sales training efforts are going towards the right sales capabilities
  • Benchmarking of sales training approaches
  • Steps successful organizations are taking beyond traditional onboarding and product knowledge/selling skills training

By exploring the correlations between learning & development approaches and sales results, the survey should reveal new insights that will help organizations better align their sales training investments, performance development plans and talent management strategies.

Lend Your Voice To This Important Sales Research!

We designed this sales research project to give you the hard data that you need to make better decisions for 2017 and beyond. We also want you to have the opportunity to lend your expertise and voice to the study.

The survey is open to sales leaders, managers, HR, talent and learning & development (L&D) executives across industries who are involved in developing sales professionals and making decisions about how to onboard, coach, develop and manage them effectively.

By taking part in this important study, you’ll get early access to valuable findings that will help you make more informed sales performance and development decisions going forward.

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Mike Esterday first discovered his talent for sales when he ranked number one out of 6,000 sales professionals in his...
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