How can you know what works and what doesn’t for connecting successfully with prospects and customers? How do some sales calls go so well- and others go south so quickly?… We all have a way of communicating. But how can you match up successfully to how your target customers communicate? One important way is to focus on their Behavior Styles — a critical selling and communication skill which Integrity Solutions’ Mike Fisher explores in this podcast.


  • Four basic Behavior Styles: Talkers, Doers, Controllers and Supporters
  • Most everyone is a combination of several styles- they have a primary style and an ‘adapted’ or secondary style.
  • ‘Talkers’ are outgoing, friendly, value relationships and make decisions emotionally. They’re more people and process-driven.
  • ‘Doers’ are more direct, results-oriented, want concise information, and make decisions quickly.
  • ‘Controllers’ are detail-oriented, deliberate, data and evidence-driven, and will weigh all options. They’re more security-driven.
  • ‘Supporters’ need time to process information, are friendly and loyal. They avoid confrontation and are reluctant to change.


“Effective communication involves understanding your own style, adapting to your customer’s style, and then adapting communication to your customer’s style.”

“From a selling perspective…you’re (going to risk) missing the mark when it comes to communicating with this person and the way they receive information.”

“Who has to adapt? Well, I do.. They’re not going to adapt to me. I have to adapt to match THEIR style. Which means I need to know exactly what my Behavior Style is to be able to adapt to their style.”

“One of the things to think about is, when you’re leaving messages, you need to mirror or think about the person you’re leaving a message for. I think you can get a long way by thinking about who you’re communicating with and what’s important to them. Leave your messages based on that.”


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