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How one leader’s experience is perhaps part of a broader trend for coping with the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Our discussion with Principal Financial Group’s Gary Karthauser who explores how he’s adapting his leadership style to the challenges of leading teams in a pandemic. One seasoned leader’s insights into how values-based leadership and coaching provides a solid foundation for getting results in the most unprecedented of times. Listen to our discussion with Gary as we focus on:

  • the role of values, purpose and connection with the mission over money in attracting and keeping people engaged
  • keeping top talent and keeping them connected to your organization
  • the role of coaching as a critical success driver in day-to-day execution and longer term employee motivation and development
  • how customer engagement has transitioned and the impact of virtual connections
  • changes in recruiting strategies and what people are considering differently in their careers

Quotes from Gary Karthauser

“I feel very strongly that servant leadership will provide the best outcome not only for the people that I work with and serve but for me personally.”

“When I shifted focus to really helping others get what they want what I found was my income went up, my satisfaction went up, my energy level went up, commitment went up and my sense of belonging changed dramatically.”

“The key to coaching to me is to take that emotional piece- get away from ‘the numbers’, which are not emotional- and tie their day-to-day activities, goals and objectives to accomplishing those larger emotional goals that they have.”

“People today are going to be very selective in terms of who they join. They want to join something larger than themselves. They want to connect to the mission and vision of your organization. And I think they’re looking for value.”

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