Virtual selling training session

As the COVID-19 pandemic crosses the one year marker, what’s working today for sales teams — and what innovative sales strategies are connecting with customers?

Integrity Solutions CEO, Mike Esterday, explores what we’ve learned in the past year, how customers are different today, and how the sales function is seen as the key to recovery for most organizations.

Virtual selling, which in truth has been around for a long time, is now the norm. It will be part of every salesperson’s role forever now. And it’s shown to be better for gathering and coordinating growing numbers of decision makers, setting appointments, pre-call planning and having effective sales conversations.

Hopeful signs of recovery. New skills developed under incredible pressures. Many companies have shown tremendous resilience, survived, and even thrived. Those companies doing well are focused now more than ever on customer loyalty while shifting both their mindsets and skill sets. They emerge now believing they can perform at a higher level in this new year.

Mike also discusses how managers are shifting their skills too- how they teach sales teams to sell virtually and how they coach virtually to expand innovative sales strategies.