Create the Framework for a Customer-Focused Culture

Integrity Service

Integrity Service® identifies dimensions that influence delivery of exceptional customer service. When these dimensions are brought into alignment (what we call congruence), improved job satisfaction, increased teamwork and customer loyalty result.

Your Customer Service Team Will Learn:

  • Maintaining a customer service attitude involves understanding expectations, going above and beyond, and being a customer advocate
  • Skills for making your customer feel like a top priority
  • Interviewing and listening techniques to uncover needs and build value
  • The importance of conveying a sincere desire to assist customers with any future needs that arise
  • A practical Problem-Solving Formula to understand, empathize with, and face service problems head on
  • The value of a positive attitude when interacting with customers
  • A simple smile and a genuine desire to offer solutions go a long way toward building lasting relationships

How We Work With You

Pre- and post-Service Skills Inventory

Interactive Half-Day Workshop

7-Week Sustainment and Accountability Program

Supportive Coaching Strategies for Managers

Reinforcement Resources and Job Aids

6 Performance Accelerator Modules

What Makes Integrity Service So Impactful?


Easily adaptable 6-Step Customer Communication Process


A simple Behavior Styles Model


Highly interactive course dynamics


Content can be customized for increased relevancy


Aligned coaching resources for managers

Benefits to Your Organization

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Noteworthy improvement in teamwork and problem solving

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Higher employee engagement and retention

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Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Significant impact to the bottom line

“I was looking for a program that would put the store manager in a leadership position when it came to customer service. The great thing about Integrity Service is that it can be tailored to fit any type of business. By having our store managers conduct the training, there was increased interactions between the manager and his or her associates, and the store manager needs to continue to set the tone for service throughout the store, long after the training has been completed.”

- Larry Zettle, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Price Chopper

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Exceptional customer service involves attitudes, values, and beliefs as well as skills

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