Sales is a team sport. With greater collaboration, you can solve customers’ most complex problems and navigate ever-expanding buying committees more effectively.

The sales world is evolving rapidly, and we often forget that success hinges on such collaboration and teamwork. Research shows that sales teams adopting a team-based selling approach experience increased morale, optimism, attention, and ultimately productivity. However, the shift from concept to reality requires a change in mindset and consensus among the sales team.

In this Mental Selling conversation, Diana Gurwicz joins to discuss how sales success isn’t the result of individual efforts alone but a collective endeavor that requires relationships and collaboration of diverse expertise. She also shares critical aspects of leadership, including coaching for individual visions, cultivating strategic thinking on sales teams, and the often-overlooked skill of “managing up”. She also touches on the pivotal role of customer perception in branding.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • The essence of team-based selling and its benefits
  • Mastering the art of ‘managing up’
  • The role of facilitative skills in leadership and in managing customer relationships
  • The power of relationship expertise

What to listen for:

  • [00:01:52] The ‘why’ of team-based selling
  • [00:05:49] The value of team diversity in the workplace
  • [00:17:10] Making the support process tangible for the customers 
  • [00:29:04] How to embrace servant leadership
  • [00:33:50] Expanding subject matter expertise to include relationship expertise

Remember, success is not a solo act but a symphony of diverse strengths and perspectives. When we empower each team member to lead their way, we unlock untapped potential and drive collective growth. 

To hear more of Diana’s thoughts on leadership, team-based selling, the power of collaboration, and teamwork, listen to her conversation with Will in this episode of Mental Selling.

Diana Gurwicz is a core team member for Leadership Strategies Inc., the global leader in facilitation services and training, and the founder of Acrux Consulting LLC. With more than 20 years of consulting and facilitation experience, Diana has helped clients worldwide to improve their performance, invigorate their organizations, and streamline their processes not only to win but to change the game in their respective environments.

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