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Corporate Alliances

Integrity Solutions partners with a variety of industry-leading organizations as a way to enhance the value we create for clients and help ensure the most comprehensive learning solutions and results while providing regular insights and contributions to the corporate training and performance improvement industry as a whole.

Allied Solutions

Since 2007 we have partnered closely with Allied Solutions. Together we help financial services clients build account holder loyalty through a true needs-based approach to sales and service. We emphasize integrity, values, and ethics as key components to building and maintaining long-term, loyal relationships.

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The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP)

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) is an international association dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. Their mission is to help inside sales representatives and leaders. Integrity Solutions has been a proud partner of AA-ISP since 2019.

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Forbes Business Council

Our CEO, Mike Esterday, has been a member of the Forbes Business Council since 2020. As a member, Mike is a regular content contributor and industry expert addressing key leadership and coaching questions facing business today.

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Intrepid Learning

Intrepid Learning and Integrity Solutions have collaborated together to create breakthrough blended learning experiences for Integrity Solutions clients. We leverage the power of Intrepid Learning's platform to create engaging, impactful virtual learning experiences for our clients.

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ISA- The Association of Learning Providers

Integrity Solutions remains a proud, involved member of ISA- the only industry association devoted exclusively to the issues and needs of executives in the training industry. Our CEO, Mike Esterday, serves on the Board of Directors of ISA. ISA members come together to learn key business insights, share their collective wisdom, expand their resources and enhance their results.

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Kirkpatrick Partners

Kirkpatrick Partners are experts in training evaluation and measuring the business value of your learning and development process.

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Membrain’s award-winning Sales Enablement CRM makes it easy to execute your sales strategy by driving successful behaviors to consistently reach your targets in B2B sales.

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Life Happens

As one of their inaugural Solutions for Life Partners, we provide Life Happens’ insurance and financial services partner organizations an opportunity to rise up and lead by building trusted client relationships with integrity at their core. Life Happens was formed in 1994 (as the LIFE Foundation) by seven leading insurance producer organizations, which recognized the need to better educate the public about important insurance planning topics.

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The Sales Management Association

The Sales Management Association (SMA) is a global, cross-industry association serving sales leadership and sales operations. Integrity Solutions and the SMA have conducted multiple joint research projects, co-presented webinars and we are a regular contributor to their blog.

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Top Sales World

Integrity Solutions is a regular content contributor to Top Sales World. TSW is dedicated to providing best-in-class thinking, resources and expertise to inspire and equip sales leaders and front-line sales professionals. Top Sales World has also included us on their Top 50 Sales Blogs each of the past three years.

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Training Industry, Inc.

Training Industry, Inc. focuses on helping dedicated business and training professionals get the information, insights and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of corporate learning and development. Integrity Solutions partners with Training Industry to conduct webinars, contribute articles and has spoken previously at their annual Training Industry Conference & Expo. Integrity Solutions has been included on their Top 20 Sales Training Companies List each of the past four years.

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Vendor Neutral

Vendor Neutral is uniquely positioned to help organizations leverage modern sales technology, training and consulting resources to achieve their goals and objectives. They provide the most comprehensive and objective guidance in the sales industry landscape. Their sole focus is to provide objective recommendations and clarity that clients know they can rely on.

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