The Three Traps of Blended Learning (and How to Avoid Them)

Blended learning is increasingly the go-to solution for organizations looking for breakthrough change. But be careful of some common pitfalls.

From November 2018

Both online learning and traditional classroom learning have a lot to offer. Online learning is a good option for knowledge-based and compliance learning but can struggle to improve skills. The traditional classroom approach is still effective because of the social nature of the learning, but it requires people to be physically present, with associated travel time and costs.

To combine the best of both approaches, blended learning is increasingly the go-to solution for organizations looking for positive changes in actual performance. But be careful! There are pitfalls along the way that have derailed many well-intentioned, well-planned and well-funded blended learning initiatives.

In this webinar with Training Industry, Inc. our CEO, Mike Esterday, and Judy Albers of Intrepid Learning discuss the three most common blended learning mistakes and a roadmap for sidestepping these often unseen traps. This webinar will provide easy-to-understands insights on:

  • Why “blended” doesn’t necessarily mean higher levels of acceptance and adoption
  • How to avoid the same drop-off in learning that prompted you to look at blended learning in the first place
  • How to avoid the “Frankenstein” approach used by most organizations that leads to disengagement

View the recording and webinar materials here.

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