Ep 015 Leading Without Authority: Quiet Influence on Teams, With Customers and in Flat Organizations

What’s the art of quiet influence — and how can you excel at it? Learning how to exercise influence is vital in many work situations today — on teams, with customers, in flat organizations, and especially when you don’t have formal authority but you need to drive strong results. The latest podcast from Integrity Solutions features practical tips from the front lines — in an interview with Jocelyn Davis, learning & development industry expert and author of the new book, The Art of Quiet Influence: Timeless Wisdom for Leading Without Authority.


How do you work with people that don’t report to you and yet you need to be able to collaborate with and influence them? The continual breakdown of hierarchical silos and the need for speed of execution, and the increased pace of business and technology have conspired to create much more flat and fluid organizations. People today are working much more across multiple project teams vs in traditional functions.

Three core ‘influence practices’ are discussed which can help those looking to improve teams performance, coach their teams more effectively, connect better with customers and improve overall communications skills. Jocelyn also addresses two factors that hold people back from being more influential and the issues of ‘skillset vs. mindset’ in terms of influence, leadership, coaching and teams performance.

Jocelyn also addresses challenges salespeople have around influence and handling objections and focusing instead on delivering great results for customers.

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