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Developing Values-Based Sales Cultures That Focus on Customer Centricity

How do you develop sales cultures focused on training the whole person while supporting your mission? Can training include a specific focus on values, integrity, ethics and behaviors? An Integrity Solutions podcast interview with Keith Goryl, Learning and Talent Development Officer at Amica Mutual Insurance Company.

Key Sales Cultures Podcast Takeaways

  • Amica’s approach is an obligation to do what’s right for their customers; they don’t sell products or coverage that they don’t need.
  • The Amica interview and hiring process is focused on behavioral-based interviewing and core competencies such as approachability, problem-solving and composure as well as values alignment.
  • Coaching is viewed as a critical part of driving employee engagement and maintaining the sales culture established in sales training- working in tandem to reinforce positive behaviors and address opportunities for improvement.

Quotes from Keith Goryl

“There was this mindset and philosophy of sales and service being two separate things. We’ve really created a culture where these two activities are one and the same.”

“It’s really crucial to foster this culture where we see sales as creating value and building those relationships in order to carry out our growth strategy.”

“When a customer calls us on the phone, that initial impression is really going to set the tone for the sales conversation. So it’s crucial that those salespeople have that desire and that willingness to want to sell. You can really hear it in their voices.”

“If you don’t have that belief in your product and your company, if you don’t have belief in yourself as a salesperson, that’s going to come through in the sales conversation.”

“In coaching, we have these regular conversations with our representatives to make sure we’re reinforcing those behaviors.”

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