When Chantel George, Founder & CEO of Sistas in Sales, started her own journey into sales, she had no idea how much support and community she really needed to thrive. Once she found that support system, everything changed!

Sales can be rewarding IF you’re passionate about negotiating, problem-solving, and creating client relationships. With these attributes, you not only help your clients excel in their business, but you’re also making a significant impact on your colleagues’ success.

In this episode of Mental Selling, Chantel shares her advice for navigating complex dynamics in sales and the power of finding a community of like-minded individuals.

Chantel founded Sistas In Sales in 2017, the first and only global organization serving women of color in sales, out of a determination to build a community where diversity is celebrated and underrepresented talent is found and recognized. Today, Sistas in Sales is transforming lives, providing opportunities, and making sales a better place its more than 8,000 global members to thrive in sales.

She emphasizes the importance of building a supportive community and highlights the need for intentional efforts from companies to attract and retain more diverse talent in sales. Chantel also shares insights into the changing dynamics of the buying journey, and the significance of curiosity and passion in successful selling. Lastly, she discusses the impact of providing validation, opportunities, and resources for her members, contributing to a more inclusive and empowered sales community.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance in sales of building community and having a support system
  • Evolving buyer expectations
  • Bridging the gap between talent and validation
  • Learning “the language of business” and breaking through traditional sales backgrounds
  • The value of humanity in sales and sales leadership in the face of growing AI

What to listen for:

  • [1:19] – Chantel’s journey into sales and her assumptions (and misassumptions) about sales as a profession
  • [3:35] – What salespeople need around them to succeed and avoid imposter syndrome
  • [04:50] – Intangibles that set successful salespeople apart
  • [7:24] – Chantel’s unwritten rules in sales
  • [9:52] – The shifting buyers’ journey and how to better meet customer expectations
  • [11:23] – Asking tough questions, being genuinely curious and overcoming objections as ways to solve problems
  • [14:02] – Having genuine belief and interest in the products and services you sell
  • [16:40] – The motivation and goals for starting Sistas in Sales and how it evolved
  • [21:36] – Reasons minorities are still so underrepresented in sales and sales leadership
  • [23:58] – Advice for women of color getting into (or considering getting into) sales
  • [28:24] – Going from good intentions to action in attracting (and retaining) diverse sales teams
  • [29:24] – The best advice Chantel ever received
  • [30:03] – Better preparing future sales leaders and what makes great sales leaders
  • [33:15] – Empathy, feedback, and importance of the humanity in leadership

People of color face numerous challenges in sales, such as a lack of support and mentoring, difficulties in building confidence and networking, inherent biases in recruiting practices, imposter syndrome, navigating corporate politics, and limited access to career growth. Resolving these issues demands intentional actions from individuals and organizations to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all sales professionals.

Chantel sheds light on the challenges faced by underrepresented groups, especially women of color, in sales. She explores the significance of representation and role models in executive sales positions and how providing equal opportunities for success can help more people thrive in sales.

Being intentional about creating an inclusive and supportive environment in sales can change someone’s life! Hear more of Will’s discussion with Chantel on navigating corporate politics, being a catalyst for change and so much more in this insightful episode of Mental Selling.

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