In sales, there exists a set of special habits that can turn an ordinary seller into a sales unicorn, someone who stands out and excels beyond expectations. These habits aren’t magic spells or superpowers; they’re simple practices anyone can adopt and master with dedication and effort.

Achieving success in sales goes beyond mastering strategies and methods; it entails developing habits that demonstrate a genuine dedication to helping others. By embracing traits like responsiveness, authenticity, and purpose-driven action, salespersons can rise above average, becoming true unicorns in their field.

In this conversation, William Vanderbloemen, author, CEO and Founder of Vanderbloemen Search Group, discusses the importance of mastering these 12 unicorn habits for sales excellence. He shares personal anecdotes and examples to illustrate how each habit plays a crucial role in sales success. From being fast in responding to inquiries to cultivating authenticity and solving problems, William highlights the practicality and effectiveness of these habits in building trust and driving sales. Furthermore, William encourages salespeople to start with the habits that resonate most with them or come easiest, building momentum as they progress. Tune in to learn and take the first step towards becoming a sales unicorn today.

Dive deep into the importance of aligning your sales efforts with a higher purpose, how to find your North Star, and how to integrate it into your sales strategy. Listen to the full conversation.


In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why becoming irreplaceable in sales hinges not on self-promotion but in the art of attentive listening and genuine interest in others. 
  • The power of aligning sales efforts with a higher purpose to resonate with customers and drive growth and profitability toward the brand.
  • How authenticity, purpose-driven selling, self-awareness, and integrity can revolutionize your approach to sales and will set you apart in a crowded marketplace.
  • The importance of thorough hiring processes helps companies minimize the risk of hiring mistakes and ensure to building of high-performing teams that drive sales success.
  • The power of deflecting conversations that creates space for customers to express themselves fully and make them feel heard.

What to listen for:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [04:20] The Habit of Being Fast
  • [11:21] How to be Authentic in Sales
  • [18:24] Be Driven by a North Star
  • [25:25] Avoiding Hiring Mistakes
  • [31:42] Why Self-Awareness is Rare
  • [34:27] On Punctuality and Integrity

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