From April 2018

This webinar discusses the intriguing findings of our recently concluded research of over 200 senior sales leaders on their organizations’ sales coaching practices. Countless articles and studies have been done about the direct business outcomes that can be achieved when sales managers incorporate coaching into their role. But why—despite all the awareness of the benefits—is coaching still not happening in many organizations?

Our research shows that 76% of organizations say coaching is important. Yet more than 3/4 also responded that too little coaching is happening. And 63% of survey participants said their managers determine how sales coaching is even defined.

This recent webinar, in partnership with The Sales Management Association, offers a first look at these research findings and more, focused on identifying how organizations define sales coaching, and what activities and outcomes they assign to coaching initiatives. The research also quantifies the prevalence and frequency of coaching activities, management’s views of coaching’s importance to sales organization success, key challenges to implementing coaching, and the clear performance improvement impact from dedicated sales coaching.