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For experienced salespeople trained in Integrity Selling or organizations looking to offer continuous learning, Integrity Selling REFRESH® reinforces and reinvigorates core Integrity Selling principles efficiently, effectively and without distracting sales teams from their busy schedules. It can be completed in several short modules or in one sitting. The platform can also be a site for ongoing peer review and learning.

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Integrity Selling REFRESH is a simple and effective program for sales reps and managers to keep Integrity Selling front-of-mind – within their daily workflow and without taking reps out of the field (or off the phones)

Whether your sales team adopted Integrity Selling months ago or five years ago, this Refresher program keeps Integrity Selling relevant so they don’t backslide.

It’s a great way to leverage asynchronous digital learning to sustain and reinforce the impact of Integrity Selling, and also introduce assessments, gamification and social learning to your organization as a way to drive higher levels of engagement and application.

How We Work With You

Undestand Current Usage and Successes With Integrity Selling

Explore Desired Outcomes

Alignment: Goals, Success Metrics, Coaching, Accountability

Launch Integrity Selling REFRESH to Sales Teams and Managers

Monitor Progress Against Success Metrics

What Makes the Integrity Selling® REFRESH Program So Valuable?


Leverage asynchronous digital learning to sustain and reinforce the impact of Integrity Selling


Opportunities for sales reps and managers to learn from their peers


Reinforce Integrity Selling with scale across geographically dispersed sales teams


Accumulate points and badges as sales reps and managers complete sections and help reps feel a sense of accomplishment as they progress


Manager version contains a Coaching section that links to ways to coach components of Integrity Selling

Benefits to your organization

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employee retention

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impact to the top line

“The Integrity Selling Model provides value and enthusiasm for the following reasons: First, it’s a realistic, detailed and customer-focused approach that allows you to be yourself while having a conversation with the customer. Second, it unifies all Quest lines of business to one language. Finally, it’s a model that world-class sales organizations provide for their sales forces.”

– Frank Turucz, Executive Sales Director, Quest Diagnostics

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