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More than anything else you do as a leader, coaching will help you achieve breakthrough results and true behavior change. Shift your managers’ mindset from that of “mistake catcher” and “problem solver” to a coaching leader that instills confidence, a sense of ownership, and fully realized potential in their people.

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Sales Coaching Programs That Differentiate

Coaching programs have become the strategic differentiator for top organizations today. These companies recognize not just the value of effective coaching, which helps them attract, retain and continually develop talented people, but also the need to equip their managers for the job — because being a good manager doesn’t necessarily make you a good coach.

Our coaching programs develop the skills to coach with integrity while adapting to different situations and different styles. Just as important, we develop leaders’ mindset to make coaching a natural, consistent habit. That’s how they become great coaches, the kind who take responsibility and make time for coaching, who see and develop the full potential in their people, and who elevate the performance of even their star players by asking the right questions and reinforcing training.

When employees know their manager is focused on their growth and development, it builds strong bonds of trust and loyalty. It gives people the confidence to try new things and the motivation to bring their best to work every day. And leads to measurable improvements, for the individual and the business. Implement our coaching programs across the organization, and they’ll help you create a vibrant coaching culture that will become one of your biggest competitive advantages.

“Integrity Solutions has helped support and enhance our foundational company culture. The inter-connectivity of their programs provides a strong thread throughout our organization that informs the way we communicate with each other and with our clients. Associate productivity is boosted through our manager coaching, our sales people increasing profit and our non-client facing associates embracing the internal-customer. We are a stronger company because of Integrity Solutions.”

- Scottland Jacobson, Director, Global Learning & Development, Russell Investments

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