Go From Boss to Coach

Integrity Coaching

To achieve long-term organizational business outcomes managers must embrace their role as coaches and grasp the dynamics of coaching in different situations and with different behavior styles. Empower your people to do great things.

Participants Will Learn:

  • The differences between people-focused and goal-oriented leadership styles and how to bridge the gap between the two
  • The importance of giving people a sense of purpose and challenging them to reach higher levels of performance
  • Why and how to shift a coaching mindset from solving problems to developing people
  • A Coaching philosophy that builds confidence, competence, and ultimately, capability – by believing in others at a greater level than they believe in themselves
  • Insights for understanding what motivates people—and helping them break through self-limiting paradigms
  • Skills to gain trust and rapport with team members so that they are fully receptive to coaching
  • How to ask questions to understand goals and gain insight into emotions as well as facts

How We Work With You


Interactive One-Day Workshop

8-Week Sustainment & Accountability Program


Performance Accelerator Modules

What Makes Integrity Coaching So Impactful?


A simple, 5-step coaching process


Highly interactive course dynamics


A tool belt that ignites individual passion with specific focus on values, motivations, and praise


Content may be customized for greater cultural alignment


Workshop reinforced with 8-Week Sustainment and Accountability and Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules


Essential strategies spotting-- and keeping -- outstanding performers

Benefits to Your Organization

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Decrease in unwanted turnover

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Skyward shift in individual performance and productivity

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Demonstrable increase in employee engagement and self-drive

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Significant impact to the bottom line

“My dad gave me a copy of Integrity Selling in 1993 and I have used the concepts daily during my 20+ years with Enterprise. When we were introduced to Integrity Coaching it was clear that our people and our business would benefit if we could integrate ‘coaching’ into our culture. The decision to work with Integrity was easy because they provide leadership development that matches our culture and our needs.”

- Steve Durham, AVP of Enterprise Car Sales

Our insights

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Coaching is The #1 thing Managers can do that will have the most impact On Company Performance

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