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Integrity Solutions Releases Integrity Prospecting

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sales performance, training and coaching innovator Integrity Solutions announced the newest addition to its sales and service solutions, Integrity Prospecting.

“Sales organizations are struggling to fill their funnels and need to expand their list of prospective customers,” says Mike Esterday, CEO of Integrity Solutions. “We’ve found that this is not just an issue of process or skill or will; it’s all of these things. Integrity Prospecting addresses the roots of the problem — lack of goal clarity, call reluctance, hiding behind emails and other negative behaviors — to shift mindsets about the salesperson’s role from cold caller to problem solver and networker. It also provides the disciplined model, tools and accountability they need to use their time more productively and make immediate headway.”

Integrity Prospecting is a sales training experience designed to transform prospecting productivity and performance. The offering covers four modules critical to successful prospecting:

  1. Mindset: How sales reps view prospecting and their ability to be successful
  2. Targets: Identifying ideal prospects and potential sources
  3. Cadence: Having a disciplined, focused and creative approach of contacting people
  4. Messaging: Delivering a compelling, conversational and authentic message

Integrity Prospecting emphasizes targeting the right people in the right accounts and having the right conversations. Through interactive exercises, participants identify their ICP (ideal customer profile) and discover how to shift from selling to solving customers’ problems, why personalization matters (and what it looks like), how to write concise and compelling messages, how to use LinkedIn and other resources to drive more conversations, pitfalls to avoid and more.

“Many reps today are ‘checking a box’ to make calls without focus on outcomes,” Esterday says. “Integrity Prospecting helps them understand the unique value they can bring by having meaningful conversations that prospective customers will appreciate.”

Integrity Prospecting is ideal for all organizations and salespeople of all levels of experience looking to strengthen their sales or service pipeline. The program is grounded in Integrity Solutions’ proven model of combining skill-building with breakthroughs in self-belief and achievement drive to help sales teams realize their full potential. It can be delivered either in person or virtually to accommodate learner and organizational needs. Read more about the program here.

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