The ability to recognize – and adapt to – different Behavior Styles is a critical aspect of connecting with buyers and sales success.

Selling is a human, interactive experience. It’s even more important than ever to get your messages across with clarity and empathy. Identifying and connecting with the other person’s Behavior Style (and how it relates to your own) should always be top-of-mind, part of your pre-call planning and coaching discussion preparations.

Get our quick and easy Behavior Styles checklist to understand your dominant Behavior Style(s) based on 15 different factors.

As you go through this checklist, in each row, check the column that sounds most like you. The more checks you have in a column, the more that tends to be your dominant style. Some have one dominant style, though many have a primary and secondary style and others can even be a mix of all four.

Understand your Behavior Style. Change your selling culture.

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